June 17, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//77 degrees//

10 Pax: Samples, Safe Ride, Frosty, Hoosegow, Wentworth, Bloodshot, Beta Max, Folsom, Othello, Brazillian

2 Bonus Pax at coffiteria: The Big One and LowMax who showed up on bicycles.

Q: BetaMax

Warm O Rama

Mosey a lap around Aksarben park area

15 Tappy Taps

15 SSH

15 Sun gods (forward)

15 Sun gods (reverse)

The Thang

Today we celebrate BetaMax’s completion of #F3_250 (my 250th workout of 2020), which means Round 1 of reps = 250.  Round 2 represents the next 250.  Try not to take breaks, but modify as necessary and form is the more important aspect to reduce the possibility of injury.

  • Front squat and press x 15 (IC)

Hold ruck (or dumbbells) close to your chest and perform a deep slow squat, upon standing, thrust your ruck (or dumbbells) into the air

  • Merkins (with rucks) x 15

If using dumbbells, do hand-release ranger merkins

  • Overhead front lunge x 15

Holding ruck (or dumbbells) over your head the entire time, perform a slow lunge forward and return to start, alternating legs.

  • Seated z-press x 15

While sitting with our legs in a v-position, hold your ruck at chest level and do an overhead press

  • Squats x 15
  • Floor press x 15

Lay on your six and do a chest press with your ruck

  • Jump squats x 15
  •  Front delt raise x 15

Hold ruck in front of you with arms fully extended and swing up over head, hold at top then lower.

  • Hydraulic squats x 15 (IC) – slow
  • Bent over one-arm ruck row x 15 (right)
  • Bent over one-arm ruck row x 15 (left)
  • Upright row (with top of ruck handle) x 15
  • Ruck bicep curls x 15
  • Ruck triceps extensions x 15
  • Bent over ruck pull x 15f
  • Ruck front swings (think kettlebell) x 15
  • Burpees x 10

ROUND 2 until 6:05


  • Weighted sit ups x 15

Lay on your 6, knees bent while holding your ruck (or dumbbells) overhead.  Keep your arms vertical ask you complete a slow situp.

  • Superman (with ruck on) x 30 seconds
  • Flutter kicks with ruck held overhead x 20
  • Glute bridge (on your six, ruck on your pelvis), thrust up x 20
  • Plank for 2 minutes


  • This Saturday at both Aldrich & The Pit is a 2.0 workout at 0700
  • 1776 CSAUP on July 4th
  • GrowRuck Kansas City – It’s time to register!
  • New Top Rope AO is launching July 1st


  • Folsom & Brazillian’s friend, Mike, who just had surgery
  • Honey Stinger & Honey Badger – recent loss of their mother
  • Swinger’s mother – prayers for surgeons and doctors treating her and lab results

COT: Be present, where ever you are.  BE the leader, even if you are not the boss.  Lead by example.  

“Get action; do things; be sane; don’t fritter away your time; create; act; take a place wherever you are and be somebody; get action.”  -THEODORE ROOSEVELT

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