AO: The Maize 6.11.2020

PAX: The Curse, Placebo, Hawg (Respect!), Ethanol, Rollbar, Butterfly (Respect!), Thomas, Slow Roast, FNG – Short Sale, Slick, The Big One, Uncle Rico, Crab Cakes, Sasquash, Wait Time, Thor, Hard Hat

QIC: Hard Hat

Temperature: Freakin’ Gorgeous! 

17 PAX arrived to receive the welcome. One FNG was present. The PAX mosey’d to the basketball court to begin the workout. 


Side Strattle Hop   20 IC

Sobriety Style Sun Gods 10 IC Front 10 IC Reverse

Chinook 10 IC Front 10 IC Reverse

Cherry Pickers 10 IC

Bobby Hurleys 15

Tappy Taps 15 IC


The group numbered off into two groups. The workout is somewhat of a repeat of YHC’s favorite workout Q’d last year. A run with some stops along the way. 1st leg of the run was conducted in the fartlek (fart lick?) fashion, stopping at the hill by F Street & HWS Cleveland. *Fartlek is an interval run where you sprint to an object, then jog to the next object, etc. The power poles were used as markers for the sprint/jog splits. 

All stops along the way had the PAX doing Monkey Humpers as they waited on the 6. 

1st Stop: Grizzcalator

PAX line up at the base of the hill with Group 1 on one side of the marker, and group 2 on the other and perform Peter Parkers. This was treated like an indian run, so the PAX on the end would get up and Crawl-Bear to “Grizzcalator” up the hill. Once up, run down the hill and line up at the end of the line, resuming a Peter Parker until all PAX have gone up the Grizzcalator. 

Fartlek to the next stop: Whitehawk playground

2nd Stop: Pulling Crabs

PAX formed two lines at the swing set. Everyone does Crab Cakes while the PAX at the end of the line runs to the set to do pull ups (modify as needed). After pull ups were done the PAX would line up opposite side and resume Crab Cakes. Number of pull ups was determined by what each PAX felt like their max reps would be +2.

Run back the way we came, to stop at the street intersection again. 

3rd Stop: Dips!

On each side of the street, PAX picked a rock on which to perform 20 dips. 

Run back to the shovel flags. 


Sweat Angels, called out by Roll Bar

Dying Cockroaches, called out by Slow Roast

American Hammers, called out like only he can do, Ethanol!

Circle of Trust:

·        Announcements: 1776 Patriot Games to be on July 4th. Book Club starting up on Fridays. 

·        Lots of thanks for the PAX for reaching out and checking in on me during my time off for the “rona”. It was a challenging time for me mentally, because I wasn’t really feeling all that bad, but felt the pressure to stay inside and didn’t feel motivated to accomplish a whole lot. One thing that became evident during this experience, is how other people are treating one another during this strange time. So many people showed care and love for me and my family. Some people though, showed anger for not being informed of the situation, as though they were somehow being negatively impacted by my family’s health. It really dawned on me, the importance of putting yourself in another person’s shoes, to try to understand how they are being impacted by different things. In all, my time off really sucked, but it feels so good to get back out into the gloom! 


Hard Hat

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