MAIZE Backblast: 5/21/20

AO: Copperfields

Group 1 PAX: The Curse, Crab Cakes, Thomas, Thor, Mufasa, Lemon Law (QIC)

Group 2 PAX: Butterfly (Respect!), Nitro, Le Doux, ACT (FNG-Cayle Jones), War Zone (FNG-Hunter, FDIC (QIC)

Weather: 60 degrees


SSHs x 15 IC

Ospreys (x10 IC each: sun god F, chinook F, chinook R, sun god R)

Moroccan nightclubs x 20 IC

Windmills x10 IC

String Rippers x10 IC


6-Man Grinder: line up with adequate spacing in between PAX. PAX #1 runs while rest of PAX start on this list. Go on down the line of PAX, while going through the list. Focus on proper and full form, rather than just trying to speed through reps.

1) Merkins; 2) Squats; 3) Big Boys; 4) Amazing Spidermans; 5) Monkey Humpers; 6) LBCs; 7) Dry Docks; 8) Lunges; 9) Hammer

Rinse and repeat. Omaha called at 6:07am.


Low Dollys x20 IC

Flutter Kicks x20 IC

LBCs x20 IC

Hammer x30 IC


1) You need an external faith/philosophy to anchor your moral compass. If you live by your own code, your morals become flexible to justify your own selfish wants.

2) Find your faith/philosophy if you need to. 

3) Embrace your faith/philosophy. Don’t just kinda do it, e.g., just go to church on Sundays, and then forget about it for the rest of the week. Accelerate your faith/philosophy daily.

4) If your faith/philosophy doesn’t involve service to others, the 3rd F, then you’ve only found something to justify your own selfish desires. Find a different faith. Live “I am third.”


Lemon Law

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