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Cornhusker Handicap Backblast

June 16, 2020 | AO – Cornhusker Handicap | 74° with a slight breeze and a little humidity

PAX: Polaroid, Two Step, Slow Pitch, TC (respect), Fury, Icy Hot, Crawl, Fire Walker, Frosty, Sparty, Smashmouth, Toadstool, Door Knocker, Othello, Mac ‘n Cheese, FNG Cliff (Swoosh), FNG Ryan (Spreadsheet)

Q: Lucky Charms 

At promptly 5:30, YHC welcomed everyone to F3, whichstands for Fitness, Fellowship & Faith, and that we are here to plant, serve, and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. By no means is Lucky Charms an expert, so please modify as needed. Lastly, YHC reminded everyone that F3 always free, held outdoors, open to all men, lead in a rotating basis and end in a COT.

Today’s Beatdown and Message was around times in our life we need to make choices. With that, YHC chose to do warm-a-rama in front of the expensive gym. PAX moseyed there to get things started. 

Warm-A-Rama ● Tappy taps x 12 IC● Copperhead squats x 15 IC● Sun gods x 10 forward and backward (noting that YHC messed up cadence when completing the forward portion)● Overhead claps x 15● Moroccan Night Clubs x 15● Body Builders x 10 IC (8-ct burpee: 1. Hands down, 2. Legs back, 3. Down merkins, 4. Up merkin, 5. Plank jack out, 6. Plank jack in, 7. Legs in, 8 jump). I

The first choice was TC’s to make. He chose #3, and the pain began. PAX moseyed to the wall on the north side of the park.

The Thang – Choice #3

PAX lined up along the wall. Starting on the west side, one PAX dropped and did 10 merkins, while all other PAX jumped over the wall. This went on until everyone had done 10 merkins. 180 merkins, and a lot of wall jumps were completed. Worth noting, some tough guys followed Two Steps lead and completed merkins on top of the wall. #acceleration

Frosty Chose Next, and picked #1. This resulted in a short mosey to the stairs near the Inner Rail.

The Thank – Choice #1

One person will run to top of stairs and back down while group does the following exercises. For the • Monkey Humpers • Flutter Kicks • Merkins w/ Row • Sumo Squats • Alternating Shoulder Taps • Squat Jumps • Alternating side lunges • Heal touches • Back Plank 

After making it through the list twice, the last station was choice #2. PAX moseyed to the clock tower and held Balls to the Wall until the 6. 

The Thang – Choice #2

One person would run to the gazebo area and back while everyone else completed the following exercises. We made it through twice and Omaha was called. • Carolina Dry Docks • Heal Touches• Chicken Peckers • Alternating Lunges• Balls to the Wall • Copperhead Squats• Low Dollies • Merkins• Back plank

PAX moseyed back near the swings for a brief Mary. 

Mary• Big Boys x 10 on the up, 10 count rest, repeat twice

Announcements/COT:✔ Announcements/Prayerso Prayers for Honey Badger, Honey Stinger and their family o Top Rope opening back up, watch Twitter and Slack for detailso Grow Ruck is coming up. Join TC, Rollbar, and others for the leadership and beatdowns!o 2.0 workout this Saturday to celebrate Father’s Dayo CSAUP on July 4 – 1776 repso Prayers for Mike S. and his friends and family✔ COTo Today we made choices. The choice to wake up. The choice to spend your morning in a park working out. The choice in how the workout went. o I have not always made a choice, let alone the right one. I used to think my lack of action was helping protect people from hate. Because I didn’t feel the hate nor show it toward others, that I was in fact the solution. However, in recent weeks I have been evaluating how this general indifference toward others was in fact accepting the hate others were putting out there. It has taken two life events for me to get out of my comfort zone and act. One was my brother when he came out and told me he was gay. I immediately started being an advocate for gay rights and fought for equality. The last one is embarrassing, but it took me this long to open up my eyes and see the racism in our everyday lives and how it affects others. It has taken me weeks to learn, read, watch, and listen. However, I’m ready to act and begin being a better advocate, a better friend, and a better neighbor. I hope the leaders we are developing in F3 are able and willing to join me and fight for those who only want equality, and deserve so much more. o The Avett Brothers say it well in their song, “Shame”▪ And everyone, they have a heart. And when they break and fall apart, they need somebody’s helping hand. ▪ I used to say ‘just let ‘em fall’. It wouldn’t bother me at all. I couldn’t help them. ▪ Now I Can. 


Lucky Charms

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