Backblast – Wild Kingdom (6/16/20) – Slick
June 16, 2020 | AO – Wild Kingdom | 74° with a slight breeze and a little humidity
PAX: LPC, Thermo, Hard Hat, Rancid (HATE), the Big One, FDIC, Hawg (RESPECT), Wait Time, Crab Cakes, Tater Tot, Tonight Show, Short Sale, High Hat (HATE), Tap Out, Vandalay (RESPECT), Mufasa, The Curse, Pothole, Slick, FNG John (Patton), FNG Justin (Riverdance)
Q: Slick – was excited to see all the HIMs faces for the VQ!
At promptly 5:30, PAX were welcomed to a beautiful morning at the Wild Kingdom. Explanation of the mission of F3, the core principles, and that Slick is NOT a professional (just look at his socks) so modify as necessary. Some mumblechatter with two FNGs (John & Justin) brought by Short-Sale before 530 as well.
PAX moseyed to a grassy-knoll by the lake for the WAR
– SSH – 15 IC
– High Knees – 10 IC
– Sobriety Sun Gods – 20 IC
o Forward x 10
o Backward x 10
– Imperial Walkers – 10 IC
– Cherry Pickers – 10 IC
Pre-Thang – Mini “lung-burner” x 2
– 5 Burpees
– 5 Bobby Hurley’s
– 5 Bonnie Blairs IC
– 5 Jump Tucks
PAX moseyed and began exploring what this AO has to offer. Stop and planked at the bottom of a paved hill on the south side of the park until the 6 was in.
– 10 burpees OYO
PAX moseyed up and over the hill and commenced more burpees until the 6 was in.
Hard Hat, Tater-Tot, Pot-Hole all gave a 10 count to revive the lungs & legs of the PAX before a short mosey to the bottom of the next hill, which would become part of the 2 man grinder eventually. Planks commenced until the 6 was in.
PAX stormed the hill to the other side of the dam. Instructions were to partner up for a 2 man grinder.
The Thang
– Partner 1 goes through Rd 1 of exercise list (AMRAP) while Partner 2 runs up hill/down hill/touches bottom/back up hill/down hill to where the exercise partners are. Switch & repeat.
– Exercises
o Rd 1: Merkins
o Rd 2: Alt lunges
o Rd 3: Sumo Squats
o Rd 4: Mountain Climbers
o Rinse & Repeat until Omaha!
– Thankful to all the PAX this morning for encouraging fellow brothers up and down the hill grinder as we passed each other in and around the damn dam. Impressed by the Sugar Rays for taking this beatdown in stride and accelerating through it! Aye!
Mosey’d back to the field adjacent the shovel-flags when “Omaha!” was called.
– 10 LBCs IC (Wait Time)
– 10 Flutter Kicks IC (Tater Tot)
– 34 American Hammers (Pothole)
– PAX then faced the sun and did 10 oh yeas! IC to celebrate the end of the beatdown. (smiles & shouts of Oh-yea! Could be heard throughout the Kingdom)
Count-o-rama/Name-o-rama/FNG Naming (Patton & Riverdance)
– Upcoming 2.0 Workout this weekend for Father’s Day @7a. Regular workout with no 2.0 @ 6a.
– 4th of July CSAUP – Patriot Games: Ethanol leading (5:30a & 7a)
– Book Club – White Fragility: Friday the 19th, we’ll read the Introduction through Chapter 2
– Shovel-flag passing at the District next Monday: Chiclets & Greek Freak
– Honey Brothers (Stinger & Badger) for their mom, Jeane. Be with their family through this difficult time
o From Tater Tot in Slack “Our hearts are heavy this morning as we have learned that the Honey Brothers (Stinger and Badger) have lost their mother (Jeanne) last night to a strong battle with cancer. So many of you have given prayers, strength and comfort to their family during this time and has not gone unnoticed. They love you all and are so grateful. Thank you for being you.”
– Mike S – long heart surgery procedure happened on 6/15. Pray for a swift recovery.
“We wander and think no one will ever find us. And lifting our sorry head, we are next to each other.” Mark Nepo
We imagine that so many conditions are prerequisite to finding love, when all that is required is that, like a man stepping from a boat to a dock, we step over the small gap that exists between us. Often there is nothing to prepare for, nothing to set up in advance – just to step over what separates us and to land in what is before us.
But, giving in to our fears, we widen the gap by creating conditions that must be filled before stepping toward another. This is how we invest in the building of credentials and lifestyles and bank accounts that are often distractions from the simple and essential need to be held. In this way, we move up and down and around, but seldom straight into what will give us love.
To know love we must do more than understand, we must land and enter. Before we step, the gap to others seems like a canyon. But stepping anyway, the separations we move through look so much smaller once crossed. Often the thing feared, once crossed, turns out to be an unexpected bridge from which we can see who we were and who we are becoming.
– As men, a lot of us have not been encouraged to be gentle with ourselves and others for a good portion of our lives. It’s not too late to reconnect with the love inside of you. With a lot going on in our own city and our nation, find ways to create bridges and lead with love and patience. Engage with those close to you who you care about and practice this. You don’t have to be perfect with this, but starting and persisting will lead you to the other side. My M has changed my life by allowing me to connect and embrace the softness in my soul fully. Go forward today with love in your heart, build bridges, and most importantly be kind and patient with yourself.
– Take time to pause and just listen today and feel the connection with the world around you.
– Aye!

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