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Q – Slow Pitch

24 PAX
Firewalker, Tater Tot, Waffle House (Respect!), Rollbar, Safe Ride, Smashmouth, Crab Cakes, Big One, Tender Foot, Huffy, Lucky Charms, Bloodshot, Spicoli (FNG), Beta Max, Gumbo, Plague, Beans (FNG), Icy Hot (FNG), Full Nelson, Jam Band, Schnapps (FNG), Knobs, Biggie Smalls, Slow Pitch

How the Gloom got started: 70ish degrees, kinda humid, the Q saw some HIM rucking when he pulled up, put a smile on his face knowing this is going to be one glorious day! Gathered at the shovel flags and found out there were 4 FNG’s…Awesome!

Mission Statement and Principles of F3:

Slow Pitch had the F3 mission statement and crushed 3 out of the 5 Core Principles but asked Big One what his favorite one is and it’s “Lead in a rotating fashion.” Then Slow Pitch informed everyone we end in the COT…Whammy! He’s nowhere close to being a professional.

Let’s get it on.

Start with Mosey: The PAX was instructed to mosey around the lake and end up on goose poop island. What a nice place to get warmed up.

Warmarama: Circle up on islandCalf Raises (Pigeon Toed): 25

Windmills: 13 IC
SSH feet forward backward, not out/in: 20 IC
Calf Raises (Duck Footed – toes out): 25
Windmills: 9 IC
SSH “reggae”: 20 IC

Pre-Pre-Thang: Mosey to Picnic Area and grab a table
Dips, Derkins, Jump ups (DDJ’s): 2 rounds of 20 each, all together. There was a standing five count after the first round and a 10 count after the second round, as the Q realized he’s gonna pass out before the Thang. We then gathered in a circle in the parking lot to attempt a newer exercise.

Pre-Thang: Head, shoulders, knees and toes burpees and song: 3 Rounds Slow Pitch reminded the Pax of the song, with hand gestures, Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. When going from knees to toes, instead of touching toes, you go into a burpee. This was proven to be a challenge with singing, but there appeared to be some smiles and laughter, so the exercise proved to be sufficient. This will get practiced and will pop up at a future date, for certain.

The Thang:
Count off into groups of 3’s

1- Monday
2- Tuesday
3- Wednesday

Slow Pitch explained that there 3 cones around the lake: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, go to your cone. Groups were counted, broke out and went to their destinations.

At this time Waffle House showed up! What an awesome and inspiring sight to have Waffle at our workout this morning. He joined right in with the PAX and his comforting voice could be heard during cadence and counts.

Monday: Do exercises as a group
Squat holds for 10 seconds: 5
Groiners to feet and hands up: 10
Jump Squats 15
Alt Lunges: 20 IC
High Knees: 25 IC
Mosey to Tuesday

Tuesday: Do exercises as a group
Walkout Merkin: 5
Dive Bomber: 10
Burpees: 15
Merkins: 20
Alt Shoulder Tap: 25
Mosey to Wednesday

Wednesday: Do exercises as a group
X-Plank – Butt up high, pike position, alt hand to knee: 5 IC
Donkey Kicks: 10
Hydraulic Squats: 15 IC
Sumo Squat: 20
High Knees because Slow Pitch printed off wrong version without Ballerina Squats: 25
Reverse Lunge to Island sidewalk, Crawl bear to Monday

One and 1/3 rounds were completed, then Omaha called at 6:47, PAX mosey to grab the Tuesday group and go back to the shovel flags.

Mosey to Flags for Mary:

On back, hand to toe: 10 IC
Freddy Mercuries: 30 IC (Beta Max Lead)
American Hammers: 38 IC (Smashmouth lead in honor of his BDay)

Announcements: Grow Ruck, Top Rope, a couple other things, ask your friends. Prayers for Mike Sheer and Honey Family.

COT: Our M’s or those we love

Grillz’s COT on Monday has had me thinking all week about growing where we are planted. Sometimes we get caught up on the what can I be doing out there to make these big changes in the world, when actually is right here, with the people nearest. I made an attempt to heighten my awareness of what those around me are doing, so that I can be more impactful in their lives. What I re-discovered or that was pulled to the front, was an admiration, that I have for my M and what she does, not just for our children, but specifically, me. I can be judgmental and prejudice towards the ones I love the most, about the dumbest things and that is detrimental to my relationships. I can feel, that what I am doing, is superior to how and what others are doing and then give my unsolicited advice, to others, on what they should do.

My M has been very supportive of my commitment to F3 and the mornings I spend with this group of men. There have certainly been discussions on how to make this work without her getting resentments, but we have come to agreements on my responsibilities at home.

Here’s one thing that I was blown away by: In the last couple of months, she has been working out, in our house, by herself and even more recently she made a commitment to do it six nights a week. This has all been self-motivation, not a single suggestion from me on what she ought to be doing. Recently, she started the 40-day sweat challenge and there is a set of exercises that she does from the challenge and she posts to her virtual group afterward. When she discussed these exercises, they were exactly what we are doing here, every morning. The only difference is they have the wrong name for every exercise. Today’s workout was basically her Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday’s or some kind of version. Here’s the point, most of our loved one’s support what we are doing, become aware of what they are doing and support them. You can thank my M for the beatdown.

Later in the day the FNG named, Peach Schnapps, was changed to Schnapps. This was cleared by the board of directors and Schnapps was informed.

It is an honor to lead these HIM for an hour out of our lives!

Slow Pitch

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