The Oracle (6am Aldrich Ele.) 6/13/20 – Sparty

F3 OMAHA – The Oracle – Influence – 6/13/2020

Saturday, June 13 – A beautiful morning as the sun came up just before we got started, with the cool temperature of 64 degrees. With construction going on in the Aldrich Elementary parking lot, we had to adapt a little bit with the flag location and gathering of the PAX. Sparty was a bit surprised by the amount of HIM that showed up for the 6am beatdown, but we still started on time. There was a lot of Mumblechatter and smiles going around. We got started promptly at 6am with a lot of vigor and sweat.

6am Oracle

Candlestick – The Curse – A-Bomb – Hard Hat – Othello – Armbar – Bubbles – No Doze – Da Vinci (Respect, Respect) – Tic Tac (HATE) – Chiclets (Respect) – FDIC – Ledoux – 2 Step – Rancid (HATE) – Scrapper – Birdman – Sparty

Warm-a-rama- Mosey to the side of the school- Tappy Taps 15 IC- Tater Taps 15 IC- High Knees 15 IC- Butt Kicks 15 IC- Copperhead Squats 15 IC- Cherry Pickers 15 IC- Arm Circles IC (10F, 10R)- ATMs – 10 each

Mosey to the Pre-Thang – This sparked a lot of mumblechatteramongst the PAX as we stopped our Mosey where do our Murph for Red Wings- Cindy (20 min AMRAP)o 5 Pull upso 10 Merkinso 15 Air Squats

The Thang- “Coach” – In groups of 3: 1st HIM would hold in a Pull Up position, 2nd HIM would coach the 1st one to keep pushing through and motivate them to hold up there while the 3rdHIM ran to the corner and back. Upon the 3rd HIM’s return, the 1st one would drop down from the hang and the 3 men would rotate until “Omaha” was called.

After Omaha was called, we Moseyed our way back to the school and once the 6 was in, we all got on all fours for the Post-Thang- Donkey Kicks – 20 kicks and then hold for 20 seconds

Took a short Mosey back to the flags

6 MoM- Gas Pumpers 15 IC- Flutter Kicks 15 IC- Heal Touches 15 IC- American Hammers 20 IC

Count to make sure everyone is accounted for

Name-a-rama – No FNG’s but a lot of good energy

Prayers/Announcements: Continued Prayers for Momma Stinger! Armbar shared that the opening of “Top Rope” will be July 1st at Aldrich (Until we hear on Boys Town).

COT – The theme for the day was “Influence.” Sparty learned years ago that it wasn’t leadership he was seeking in life, it was to have Influence. Influence on people’s behavior, influence on decisions that get made, and influence on success. Today’s workout showed a few ways in which we can influence each other. 1st the “coach” was working to be positive to help his fellow HIM hold onto the monkey bars as long as possible. All that could be heard around the monkey bars was positive reinforcement, no words of discouragement or complaining. The other piece that played a big role in influence was the runner. As we all experienced how tough hanging on the bars was, it prompted the PAX to run at a faster pace than they may normally have done otherwise. We then went around the circle and shared a quick snapshot of someone that has influenced us in our lives and how/why. The COT took around 10 minutes and Vandelay looked like he was a little concerned with the 6am group surpassing 7am….(my bad!)

FDIC took us out in a beautiful prayer!



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