June 10, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//54 WONDERFUL degrees//

11 Pax: Stella, Samples, Safe Ride, Squidward, Ram Rod, Hoosegow, Wentworth, Swinger, Bloodshot, Beta Max, Folsom.

Q’s: Folsom

Warm O’ Rama

  • Farmers walk from the stage to the benches and back
  • Butt Kickers ICx20
  • Seal Jacks ICx20
  • Cherry Pickers IC x20
  • Hilly Billy Squats ICx15
  • Tappy Taps ICx10

The Thang: 21 with Weights!

At the bottom of the hill behind the stage, the even numbered reps were done for biceps curls, the odd numbered were done for overhead triceps extensions. At the top of the hill the odd numbered reps were done for Arnold Presses and the even numbered reps were done for bent over rear deltoids flies. The first time was 20 curls, then the PAX carried their weights up the hill and did one Arnold press before returning with weights in hand to the bottom of the hill. The second time was 19 triceps extensions, up the hill for 2 rear delt flies, then back down. This continued on with only a few 10 second breaks to rest the grip, until the last time was 11 triceps extensions and up the hill for 10 rear delt flies. Folsom stopped a little early because he also wanted to do two rounds of leg supersets with 20 dead lifts and 20 goblet squats with 10 seconds of recovery between.

Mary: The PAX tried something new and farmer’s walked over to the rubber mats for two rounds of abs supersets, consisting of 10 reps each of the following exercises: Weighted Sit ups, Weighted V Ups, Weighted American Hammers IC, Dying Cyclones IC, 10 seconds to recover.

Prayers: Prayers were requested and given for both Honey Mama and Mike Shearer.

COT: Rather than provide a topic of his own, Folsom instead spoke of the great COT’s he’s heard and read during the return of F3 Omaha. For instance, Sparty gave an awesome one at the first Saturday back out at The Oracle. Sparty talked about his time as a Sad Clown and what F3 has meant to him. Folsom commented on how the PAX of F3 Omaha are an amazing group of men and that so much can be gained from leaning in to this group of HIM. Folsom concluded with recollecting on a COT he gave where he opened up about his divorce and how F3 saved him from a bad path. After that COT other PAX, usually in a one on one situation, came up to Folsom and related similar stories of marital struggle and alcohol struggle. Whether or not they meant to, these men provided Folsom with some needed knowledge that he was not alone with these struggles.  Not feeling like you’re stranded alone on island provides the strength to carry on.

Aye- Folsom

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