The Oracle (Aldrich): Nant’an Leadership Ceremony

75 PAX Strong – June 6, 2020 – F3Omaha

June 6, 2020 | The Oracle (Aldrich) | 7 AM | Sunny and 74 degrees
Co-Qs: The Nant’ an – Wait Time and Tater Tot

Introduction: Saturday, June 6, 2020 will be a morning to remember for quite some time in F3 Omaha’s short history.  This day was a celebration of one man for his courageous determination and efforts to bring the men of Omaha together and help plant a leadership group on April 21, 2018.  It worked, quite well in fact.  Starting with 26 and growing to 500+ men, F3 Omaha is accelerating not only in growth in numbers but in character and helping change lives for the better.  Wait Time’s lead as Nant’ an helped prepare the 75 men that showed this morning and the countless others that are in our community that have had the privilege to learn from him.  It was never about Wait Time, it was always about you.  After a quick introduction to an eager group we split to our best ability in half (one with Wait Time and one with Tater Tot), tried to forget about introducing FNG’s but were politely reminded, then we were off amongst the 100 degree and 100% humidity at 7am.  (There were countless pre- runners, bikers and Oscar Mike Ruckers all over hell prior to the beatdown. It was awesome to see so many HIM accelerating together)   

The PAX: (75 Strong)

Tater Tot Group: Jean Claude, Bloodshot, Lemon Law, Sister Act, Grillz, Thor, Brazilian, Safe Ride, Kingpin (FNG), Kenny G (Respect), Rancid (Hate), Huffy, Smashmouth, Honey Stinger, Saul, Girl Dad, Lucky Charms, Vandelay (Respect), Slow Roast, Birdman, 2-Step, Folsom, Polaroid, Fury (Hate), Khakis (Respect), Gipper, Thomas, Armbar, Greek Freak, Hawg (Respect), Blue Suede, Davinci (Respect, respect), Pony Express (Hate), Tonight Show, Rollbar, Umbro, Wentworth, No Doze, Ponzi, Othello, The Plague and Tater Tot.  

Wait Time Group: TC (Respect), Cyclone (Respect), Tugboat, Frosty, Beta Max, LeDoux, Sweeper (FNG), Reba, Squidward, Sparty, Slow Pitch, Hightower, Skidoo (FNG), Govna, Kielbasa, Short Stack, FDIC, Crawl, Big One, Waffle House (Respect), Ramrod, Open Sesame (Hate), Knobs, Gunner, Pothole, Crab Cakes, Candlestick, The Curse, Fire Walker, Nitro, Freestyle (Hate), Bubbles and Wait Time.    

7:00am Into:

  • Wait Time (Welcome to F3 and five core principles) 
  • Tater Tot (We are not professionals modify as needed and divide the PAX in half, forgot FNG’s…)

7:03 – Mosey

  • Wait Time – warm a rama and go to field adjacent to school on west side
  • Tater Tot warm a rama and workout in open space on the way to murph (didn’t realize how loud Dodge Street would be…)

Tater Tot 7:06 am – Warm – a – Rama 

  • 21’s Side Straddle Hop (5 Burpees) 
  • 10 Tappy Taps IC
  • Sun Gods 10/10
  • 10 Groiners IC
  • 15 Merkins on your down

Wait Time 7:06 am – Warm – a – Rama 
Imperial Walker x 20 IC | Don Quixote x 12 IC | Sun Gods x 10 IC | Chinook x 10 IC | Cherry Pickers x 15 IC | Alternating Shoulder Taps x 15 IC | SILENT SSH x 20 IC | Burpees x 10 (OYO)

7:11am Tater Tot – The Thang – Split group into 6 groups, start at respective cone, do the exercise(s) listed, read the question and answer during the mosey.  The mosey is around the cones plus one more about 90 seconds but felt like a mile in that heat.  It didn’t matter if you caught a group. 

Cone 1 – Bobby Hurly X25 & Mountain Climbers X25 I.C.

Cone 2 – Merkins X 25 & Alt. Shoulder Taps X25 I.C.

Cone 3 – Burpees X 20 (All together)

Cone 4 – LBC’s X25 I.C. & Heel Touches X 25 I.C.

Cone 5 – Jump Tucks X25 & Sumo Squats X25 

Cone 6 – Makhtar N’Diayes X 20 I.C. & Hand Release Merkin X 20

7:11am Wait Time – The Thang

The Steinl: Plank x 30 Ct | Chilcutt Plank x 30 Ct | Merkins x 10 | Spider Man x 10 (Right Leg) IC | Merkins x 10 | Plank x 30 Ct | Chilcutt Plank x 30 Ct | Merkins x 10 | Spider Man x 10 (Left Leg) IC | Merkins x 10

Pain Square: PAX partnered together. One PAX member traversed around a 15 yard square doing the following four movements: BEAR CRAWL, LUNGE, DUCK WALK, CRAB WALK. While that PAX member completed the Pain Square, his partner did the following exercises. After completing the square, partners flapjacked and took over the exercises:
Carolina Dry Docks x 50 | Big Boy Sit Up x 50 | Monkey Humpers x 75 IC | Plank Jack x 75 IC | Squats x 100 | Alternating Shoulder Taps x 100 IC

7:27am  – Call Omaha and send PAX to mosey to Tater Tot/Wait Time location

7:30amThe Thang (Repeat with 2nd group)

7:47am – Meet back at cones on black top (near flags)– Tater Tot needs to depart around 7:48am

7:50am – Mary and Name a Rama – Alternating  American Hammer while other group holds up heels off ground.  Immediately following do Name a Rama and then to big group for FNG’s

  • Group 1) 10 American Hammer IC – Choose a PAX member to lead 
  • Group 2) Holding with heels off the ground while Group 1 completes 10 hammers X3 (each group will complete 30 Hammers)

7:56am – Name FNG’: Kingpin, Skidoo and Sweeper – after talking with Skidoo post beatdown it was asked what the heck was a Ski-Doo.  He shrugged and just said, “Yah, I think they meant Sea-Doo”…

8:00am – Passing of shovel Flags

  • Wait Time introduce Vandelay for new Oracle site Q
  • Wait Time introduce Tater Tot to Nant’an

It was tough being away from you guys during this extraordinarily sad week.  I spent the week where I grew up in Indiana.  I felt exiled from our F3Omaha culture at a time that I wanted to be with you.  I wanted to know everyone was safe, I wanted to know how everyone was feeling and to listen to what was on everyone’s hearts during the Circle of Trust.

Today, I am very grateful for the culture that F3Omaha has built over the past two years.  We started as five insane dudes working out in a parking garage to more than 500 men that have worked out together – sometimes hundreds of times together over the past two years.  In two years, we have learned a new language.  We have met new friends.  We have shared highs and shared lows.  For some of us, we have established new mindsets, and we have destroyed old beliefs.  What we’ve accomplished together in two years gives me hope because we’ve done it together.  And just two years ago, none of us knew each other the way that we do today.

Our culture has never been more important.  F3 is open to ALL men.  F3 is free.  F3 is always outside.  F3 is led in a rotating fashion and F3 ends in a COT.  Since early March, all five principles have been tested.  COVID-19, our country’s ignorance, fear and hatred has challenged the core principles.

My chief role over the past two years, was to build the F3Omaha culture.  When I chose Tater Tot as our new Nant’an, he had no idea the circumstances he would be stepping into.  The Nant’an is the spiritual leader of F3Omaha.  I chose Tater Tot for a reason.  It was not because he could do the Triple Murph.  In fact, I didn’t know what a badass he was until IronPax last fall.  I chose Tater Tot because he lives and breathes the F3 culture.

I remember Tater Tot’s first workout at Stinson Park.  The Big One and I were partners.  We look over at the FNG who is having a tea party with Plague during a two-man grinder.  What we witnessed that day is why Tater Tot is our new Nant’an.

He loves the PAX.  He embodies our values.  He can crush an IronPAX but is more likely to pick up the SIX.  I wanted a new Nant’an that would cause the PAX to say “Of course, he’s the new Nant’an.”  I believe that is Tater Tot.

Our culture will continue to pick up the six.  Our culture will continue not to care how many reps you can do.  Our culture will not care what you do for a living.  Our culture will continue to foster a safe place for men to be vulnerable and transform their lives.  I cannot “wait” to watch Tater Tot and all the PAX accelerate over the next few years.  I plan to be right there with you.

  • Tater Tot poem about Wait Time


There once was a man from Indiana, 

A tough word to rhyme with, so I chose banana. 

You see, he came to Omaha with a mission, 

To plant, grow and serve was his vision.

No one would stop him from changing this state,

His first stop, the DMV, for his F3Omaha license plate.

He knew something we didn’t but wanted to share, 

Something so simple, so free, so real and rare.

It was never about him and always about you, 

Everyone soon finds out, it’s not the workout that’s the glue.

He asked 26 Redwoods to join him at Boys Town, 

Only one of them had heard of that ugly Sad Clown

He only knew one workout that would shiver your spinal, 

That stupid, plank, merkin, Superman crap show that he calls the Steinl.

Fast forward a bit and F3 gripped its claw, 

For shit sakes, Brazilian has brought half of Omaha.

It has grown from 1 PAX to nearly 500 in two years, 

With countless laughs, genuine talks and one guy that always takes his shirt off that will bring you to tears… 

Times of change can be hard for all,

the new guy has much to learn, and is not nearly as handsome nor tall. 

But look around you, understand what we are doing, 

To be better men and lead our community is what we are pursuing. 

We wouldn’t be here without you Wait Time, and I say that sincere, 

So just sign right here, and you can be Nan tan for the next 10 year. 

Tater Tot and Wait Time


Othello took us out with a prayer.

8:10am – Coffeteria – There was so much 2nd F going on it was hard to ever want the party to stop.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time and Tater Tot

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