6/4/20 Futurama – The Mission

AO- Futurama

Q- Slow Pitch

Started with 20, ended with 21 PAX: 

Othello, Da Vinci (Respect), Grillz, Lucky Charms, Pony Express, Chiclets (Respect), Tater Tot, FNG – Hipster (Respect), Honk Honk, Plague, Sparty, Wentworth, Rancid (Hate), Bubbles, Khakis (Respect), Polaroid, Smashmouth, Toad Stool, Two-Step, FNG – Sister Act, Slow Pitch

How the Gloom got started:  70ish degrees, kinda humid, gathered at shovel flags, tons of mumble chatter and anticipation of the 5:30 workout, now that the city curfew has been lifted for a couple of days.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3:

Slow Pitch had the F3 mission statement and crushed the 5 Core Principle, which is a first. He’s not a professional and he proved it throughout the workout.

The PAX was instructed to mosey around the circle one and a half times then circle up the rose garden.  What a nice place to get warmed up.


Circle of “hit its.” Chop feet until guy says hit it, go to ground, then next PAX calls hit it after chop. Complete the circle. Oh boy gonna need a 10 count

Flutter Kicks: 20 IC

Big Boys: 20 on up

Gas Pumpers: 20 IC

Freddy Mercury’s 20 IC

American Hammers 20 IC

Greek Turek’s: 20 on up (Bobby Hurley with a dunk at the top)…and another 10 count

Mosey: To the West side hill

The Pre-Thang:

Slow Pitch is known for a lengthy Pre-Thang and he didn’t disappoint.  Scored an A+ on amount of time used for some kind of thang to do before a thang. There was a verbal and visual explanation of the following: Get in team of 3, two at bottom of hill, one at the top.  Two guys start at bottom of hill with 10 Merkins together, after completed, one guy runs up to top, one remains at bottom to AMRAP Iso-alternating Lunges until relief comes. Guy at top is doing AMRAP Sumo Squats, when the runner gets to top and they do 10 Merkins together, relieving squat guy to run and repeat with Lunge guy.  

Complete 5 circuits or until Omaha is called.  Omaha was called 2-1/2 – 3ish circuits.  At this point Slow Pitch isn’t certain he has made good choices.

Mosey:  To the center steps for the Thang

The Thang: Description was to social distance partner up, this actually turned into two groups working together. During the explanation of the Thang, Slow Pitch witnessed a HIM (he was totally unaware that he was going to become a PAX member, when his day started), but he was performing one handed planks at the top of the steps, within earshot. Slow Pitch yelled in his recess voice to join and the kind HIM, respectively declined, stating he had many replacement parts within his 67-year-old body. Tater Tot climbed the steps and encouraged him to join, Tater’s voice is like the sound of the Sirens and he couldn’t resist.  This HIM joined mid workout.  A first-time event witnessed by Slow Pitch and some other PAX. Welcome Hipster! Now, back to the Thang:

At bottom of steps, do first set of exercises with your partner and or group:

Set Legos:

  1. 5 IC – Bonnie Blairs
  2. 10 – Jump Squats on up
  3. 15 IC – Red bull Smurph Jacks
  4. 20 IC- Copperhead squats
  5. 25- Calf Raises

After set Legos, two footed bunny hop up the right steps, broad jump on the landings, bunny hop up to top 

Once at top of steps, 10 Hand Release Burpees, then back down left steps 

Set Armos:

  1. 5 IC – Tempo Merkins
  2. 10 IC – Alternating Shoulder Taps
  3. 15 – Diamond Merkins  
  4. 20 IC – Mountain Climbers
  5. 25 – Merkins

After set Armos, two footed bunny hop up the right steps, broad jump on the landings, bunny hop up to top. 

Once at top of steps, 10 Hand Release Burpees, then back down left steps.

One circuit was completed, Slow Pitch was about to fade and kiss the concrete, as he is not in the shape, he wished he was. Omaha called.

6:08 COT

Namarama: Welcome FNG’s – Sister Act and Hipster

Announcements: Convergence on Saturday at the Oracle and first Friday lunch.

COT:  Mission Statement – 

“To plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”

We are all aware of what we are a witness to today and there is no better time to align your personal compass with the mission statement of F3. I believe that we as a “men’s small workout group” we have the opportunity, right now, to perform and dive into community leadership.  There has not been a more challenging time in our lives, than this moment, where you are standing and breathing this morning.  We could go home and pretend like our community isn’t in need of our assistance, but I believe we would be doing our families, selves, peers, cities, country and world a disservice.  

I have chosen to ignore real issues because I didn’t feel like they directly impacted me. Well, that isn’t how I want to move forward. I don’t know what it is like in someone else’s shoes, just mine and I haven’t done enough.  

Now, if you’re one that has done enough, go home, feel great about what kind of man you are and take some time off, you’ve earned it. But, if you can be true to yourself and say that you haven’t, then grab someone and ask them, what can I do?

The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve men’s small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 

Pony Express took us out in prayer.

Be kind and make a difference

-Slow Pitch

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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