The Colosseum | 6.2.20
70 degrees at 6:15
Q: Bloodshot
PAX: Room Service, Othello, Beta Max, Flanders, Wentworth, The Big One, Greek Freak, Samples RESPECT, Blue Chip, Rancid HATE, Folsom, Huffy, Vandelay RESPECT, Smashmouth, Aluminum HATEhate, Titanium RESPECT, Chicklets RESPECT.
F3 mission, 5 core principles, and disclaimer were stated before a lap mosey to warmarama.
Sungods 20 IC (10 each direction)
Tappy Taps 10 IC
ATMs: Alternating shoulder taps (10 IC), Tempo Merkins (10 IC), Merkins (10)
SAC: Summo squats, Air squats, copperhead squats (10 IC)
2 rounds of ATMS/SAC
Pre thang: Home bleacher stairs with dips and deconstructed burpees
At the top do a round of deconstructed burpees: partner plank until pax finish 15 squat jumps and 15 merkins. At the bottom do 20 dips. 2 rounds at the top and bottom.
The thang:
Tclaps to the Plague. This was my first F3 workout – I don’t know how/why I ever came back but worth paying homage. 4 stations: Fran, Ryan, Annie, and Barbara. I cut to 3 hoping to finish.
Station 1 – PUSHER
21 – 15 – 9 reps of:
Squat jumps
(21 dips, 21 Merkins, 21 squat jumps then on to station 2)
Station 2 : 50-40-30-20-10 reps
Bobby Hurley
Big Boy Sit ups
Monkey humpers
Hand release Merkins
(50 bobby hurleys, 50 big boys…)
Station 3:
10 Makhtar N’diayes
20 Derkins
30 LBC’s
40 air squats
Omaha at 6:50 / after 35 minutes
Flutter kicks 20 IC
Freddy Mercury 25 IC
American Hammers 30 IC

COT: This week marks my 1 year anniversary of F3. It also marks a time of city wide angst alongside Curfew, protest, economic hardship, emotional stress, and a pandemic. My clinic lost power and internet Monday afternoon so I had to call/cancel patients yet again.
A year ago I might have sunk further into sad clown depression. Or distanced myself from society because I didn’t feel a need to think about people outside my circle. I decided to LEAN IN a year ago – as much as I could in all 3 F’s. I could cite a moment when each PAX I’ve met has leaned back. I feel positive in the face of uncertainty because of the gloom – trying to be accept being uncomfortable.
Reflect today on a quote by Jake Wood, a Wisconsin badger OL, Marine sniper, awarded the Pat Tillman award for Courage in the 2018 ESPYs, and founder of Team Rubicon.
“Know your neighbor, love your neighbor, help your neighbor”
It’s impossible for me to know what it’s like to be you. I’ll never be able to walk your path. But I can choose to help alongside you. I can choose to love without knowing. Your Humble Correspondent-Bloodshot

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