May 28, 2020

AO – Futurama

63 degrees; clear; wet grass

Q: Stella

PAX:  To comply with social distancing, Pax split up into groups.   PAX include:  Grillz, Sparty, Danger Zone, Titanium, LoodHum GUT, Chiclets, Folsom, Samples, Jean Claude, Polaroid (Q2); Greek Freak, Toadstool, Tug Boat, Ramrod, Double Leg, SUV, Huffy, Brazilian, FNG CharBuffed, Othello (Q3); Smashmouth, HighTower, Balboa, Pony Express, Blue Chip, TC, Swinger, Wentworth, SafeRide, Open Sesame, Stella (Q1).

5:30 AM:  Welcome PAX.  F3 Mission and Core Principals reviewed.  Disclaimers given. PAX counted off into groups to comply with social distancing.  Groups went on short Mosey to Warm-A-Rama spot.   

5:34 AM:  HighTower’s Jeep rolls in hot, 4 HIM jump out and join up with the rest of the PAX. 


  • SSH – 20 IC
  • Tappy taps 15 IC
  • Windmills – 15 IC
  • Sun Gods 10 IC – each
  • Imperial Walkers 15 IC
  • Dirty Dawgs – 10 each leg


Bear Crawl appx 15 yards; do 15 IC Monkey Humpers; Crawl Bear back to starting point.  Do this 2x total. 

The Thang:  2 man grinder. Partner up.  Complete total number with partner. Partner 1 sprints to designated cone (appx 50 yards) and does 5 Hand Release Merkins.  Partner 1 returns and takes over where Partner 2 left off.  Rinse and repeat. 

  • 100 Bobby Hurley’s
  • 100 Alt. Shoulder Taps (not IC)
  • 100 Burpees 
  • 100 IC – Monkey Humpers
  • 200 LBC’s (not IC)
  • 200 Carolina Dry docks
  • 200 Air squats
  • 200 Crabwalk Touches (each foot =1 )

Omaha called at 6:06am. 

Mary: no Mary today at Futurama!

Mumble Chatter:  Lots of mumble chatter heard during the Thang, at least in Group 1.  SafeRide not amused during 100 partner burpees.  TC heard saying 200?, that should be 20…   During Pre-Thang, grass was wet and YHC’s shoes were soaked (with presumably everyone else’s).  Othello had way better music than Stella.  Group 1 Members heard Space Jam at start of mosey and guilt Stella into getting his Bluetooth speaker out for background jams.  During this, YHC sets of his car’s passive alarm off and horn starts beeping…. HONK HONK!!!   The hills were tough….

COT: PAX then Counted Off and completed Namarama in the small groups at around 6:06am.  PAX then met at shovel flags to name FNG CharBuffed!  Announcements:  Convergence on Saturday, June 6, 2020; GrowRuck is coming up.  TC is going!  Prayer Requests mentioned and noted.  YHC shared short COT about the going through the process.  Some things in life cannot be sped up and require time.  Be patient and follow the process to achieve your goals in whatever you are working on in your life.  Concluded with Prayer and Coffee in Starbucks parking lot.

FNG – CharBuffed! Welcome, brother!


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