5/28/2020, 62 degrees and overcast

PAX: Wait time, Thomas, Ladue, Nitro, Crab Cakes, Gunner, Thor, Tator Tot, the Curse, & Butterfly

Q:  Hawg

Normal mission and purpose statements stated followed by a strong disclaimer; I am not a professional and this will hurt so modify as necessary. We are here to fellowship, develop our physical and mental stamina, and have fun. Group size and social distancing adhered to. Purposefully chose this workout to avoid burpees. Let’s mosey…

Warm-a-Rama• Side Straddle Hops x 25 IC• Goof Balls x 20 IC• Imperial Walkers x 20 IC• Bonnie Blair’s x 20 IC• Sun Gods x 20 IC

The Thang

After each exercise run to 25 yard line and back pedal to the start before starting the next exercise.

Round 1• Descending Deconstructed Burpees (10 squats, 10 thrusters, 10 merkins, 10 thrusters, up). Descending counts 10, 9, 8, 7…..1

Round 2• Diamond Merkins x 15 • Lunges X 10 IC• Dying Cockroaches x 20 IC• Ponzi Pinchers x 20 IC• Monkey Humpers x 15 IC

Both rounds completed before Omaha was called

6 MOM- LBCs, Flutter Kicks, and an unreasonable amount of American Hammers

Circle of Trust

As we celebrate this Memorial Day week, we should remember what this celebration is all about. It’s not about the first day of pool season, the beginning of the summer vacation season, or even the beginning of warmer days (which it is not in Nebraska) but is a celebration of all of the people that served and sacrificed to make this great nation. My father, my grandfather, three uncles, two aunts, and countless cousins served in the arm forces to give us the freedom’s that we have today. While they all came back alive, they all came back with a different sense of service to our county and all of it’s diverse citizens. They came back forever changed from the events and circumstances that they saw, felt, and experienced. While I personally did not serve in the armed forces, I did grow up seeing the impact serving our country had on their lives and way of thinking. They were resilient and steadfast in their dedication to how great our nation is and how we should focus on the greater good of all as opposed to the good of just a few. I have never seen our nation more divided than it feels now. Most times I think that both political parties are only looking out for the good of a few and not for all. While I am discouraged by this, it should fortify me to fight for the greater good of all. As HIM, we should look beyond what is best for us personally and look for what is good for all. We are given opportunities every day to practice servant leadership in our homes, our work places, and our communities. These simple acts of serving others before self have a ripple effect on others and others will want to pass on those servant activities. As we finish out our week, remember those who came before us that earned, through blood, sweat and even death, these freedoms that we enjoy so much. But remember that with these freedoms comes the responsibilities of passing it on to all that come after us. Go out and make an impact and keep accelerating!


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