May 27, 2020/AO-Heavy Metal/Temperature 62 degrees and cloudy

PAX: 15

Group 1: Squidward, Othello, Samples, Stella, Wait Time, Roadhouse, FNG (Curious George), FNG (Corn Dog), BetaMax.

Welcome to Curious George, who rode by on a bicycle.  Folsom & Stella explained F3 and invited him to participate.  He knows FlyBy, who, as usually, ran past us today; Flyby agreed to post for the first time next week!

Welcome to Corn Dog, brought by Squidward.

Group 2: Wentworth, Folsom, SafeRide, Hoosegow, Frosty, Bloodshot

Group 1Q: BetaMax Group 2Q: Folsom

BetaMax welcomed the PAX and two FNG’s at 5:30 with introduction, F3 mission, core principals and disclaimer along with a quick overview of the theme of the beatdown: “Arnold Super Sets.” 

Chest/Back (15 each, in slow cadence)

Tempo Merkins on your dumbbells

Supermans w/ or w/o weights

Roll over – chest flys

Standing reverse dumbbell flys

On your 6 – chest press

Standing alternating dumbbell rows


Bicep/Tricep (15 each, in slow cadence)

Hammer curls

Tricep extensions

Half bicep curls (only half way down, resting on forearm)

Pulsing tricep extensions (only half way up)


Shoulders (15 each, in slow cadence)

Side shoulder raise w/ calf raise

Shoulder press with squats

Shoulder shrugs

Dry docks



Goblet squat

Left front leg lunge

Right front leg lunge


Big Boys (15 each, in slow cadence)

LBC’s x 20

Marge & Homer x 15

American Hammers x 20


1 – First Friday lunch is next Friday, June 5th.  See Slack for more details (re Zoom details).

2 – Convergence is next Saturday, June 6th at Aldrich unless Boys Town is re-opens.  Nantam ceremony from Wait Time to Tater Tot.

3 – GrowRuck is August 14-16th.  See the following link and contact RollBar with any questions:


I encourage everyone to read the following link which speaks to President TR’s thoughts on physical fitness:

The following excerpt was shared with the PAX this morning and shared that F3 embodies what TR has conveyed:

The physical vigor of our citizens is one of America’s most precious resources. If we waste and neglect this resource, if we allow it to dwindle and grow soft then we will destroy much of our ability to meet the great and vital challenges which confront our people. We will be unable to realize our full potential as a nation.

Throughout our history we have been challenged to armed conflict by nations which sought to destroy our independence or threatened our freedom. The young men of America have risen to those occasions, giving themselves freely to the rigors and hardships of warfare. But the stamina and strength which the defense of liberty requires are not the product of a few weeks’ basic training or a month’s conditioning. These only come from bodies which have been conditioned by a lifetime of participation in sports and interest in physical activity. Our struggles against aggressors throughout our history have been won on the playgrounds and corner lots and fields of America. Thus, in a very real and immediate sense, our growing softness, our increasing lack of physical fitness, is a menace to our security.

However, we do not, like the ancient Spartans, wish to train the bodies of our youths merely to make them more effective warriors. It is our profound hope and expectation that Americans will never again have to expend their strength in armed conflict. But physical fitness is as vital to the activities of peace as to those of war, especially when our success in those activities may well determine the future of freedom in the years to come. . .

For physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body; it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity. The relationship between the soundness of the body and the activities of the mind is subtle and complex. Much is not yet understood. But we do know what the Greeks knew: that intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong; that hardy spirits and tough minds usually inhabit sound bodies.

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