Futurama – “Accountability Buddies”

May 22, 2020 (26) PAX including 2 FNG’s (Welcome, DaVinci and Danger Zone!) jumped back into the saddle again at Futurama for our second workout back at the AO.  Lots of chatter and energy with the PAX today. As a group that follows federal social distancing guidelines the PAX were split into groups of three and headed their separate ways for Warm-a-Rama and the Thang. 

PAX – 26 HIM

Group 1: Stella, Tater Tot, Chiclets (Respect), Honk Honk, TugBoat (one word), Grillz, DaVinci (Welcome, Respect Respect!), Danger Zone (Welcome, Hate!), Ramrod, and Pony Express. 

Group 2: Polaroid, Rancid (Hate), Two-Step, Open Sesame (Hate), Samples (Respect), TC (Respect), and Safe Ride.

Group 3: Slow Pitch, Gunner,  Armbar, Jeeves (Respect), Double Leg (Hate), Hightower, Trademark, Blue Chip, and Othello.  

Warm-a-Rama: – 

Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC

Goofballs – 15 IC

Plank Jacks – 15 IC

Mountain Climbers – 15 IC

Pickle Pushers – 15 IC

CopperHead Squats – 15 IC

The Thang (Partner Hill Climb) – The Thang required  us to partner up with another PAX. One Partner would run up the hill while the other partner was working toward the total reps for the listed exercises. They would complete the next exercise and move onto the next exercise on the list. Example, Stella would run to the top of the hill while Chiclets busted out burpees, when Stella returned and chiclets had completed 10 burpees Stella would then start on number 11.   The workout was brutal and the hand release merkins and groiners would make most men cry. Omaha was eventually called.  

Exercises until runner returned:

Burpees: 50

Bobby Hurley’s: 100

Hand Release Merkins: 150

Bonnie Blairs: 200

Groiners: 250 WOOF

LBC’s: 300

Mary No Mary at Future for Pony.  


We had the pleasure of naming two FNG’s today. Welcome DaVinci and Danger Zone. After we named the FNG’s Pony discussed the importance of accountability. Flashed some quote about “All a man has in this world is his word.” Briefly mentioned how we hold employees (for work product), kids (chores to be done), and wives (birthday promises) to their words and how important it is for the PAX to remember that people are holding us accountable in the same way. We need to be cognizant of the fact that people are taking us at our word that we are going to do something and follow through. Spoke about the importance of F3 and how it helps promote accountability. The whole premise of F3 is one PAX’s word that he will lead a workout and everyone else shows up knowing he will be there. Or even on a more personal level by posting you may be holding another PAX accountable. Enjoy the day, take time to reflect on how accountable you really are, and be deliberate in your words and your actions. Always grateful and humbled to lead these fine men.

Giddy Up,

Pony Express

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