Temperature-Mid 50s

Q: Saul


Group 1: Grillz (leader), Vandelay(Respect!),  Blue Chip, Firewalker, Wait Time, Khaki (Respect!), Slow Pitch, and  Two Step

Group 2: Saul (leader), Trademark, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Tenderfoot, Roadhouse, Blue Suede, Plague

Group 3: Jean Claude (leader), Gunner, Doc Brown, Quick Snap(Hate!), Pablo, The Curse, Sparty, Green House (Respect), FDIC


The mission of F3 is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership

5 Core Principles of F3 are the following• Free of charge• Open to all men• Held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold• Led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary• Ends with a Circle of Trust

YHC checked for FNGs, gave the necessary disclaimer and reminded PAX to modify as needed to include local and national guidelines on appropriate social distancing. 

Warm A Rama • Windmills 10 IC• High knees 20 IC• Mountain climbers 20 IC• Sun gods 10 IC • Sun gods reverse 10 IC

The Thang

-Between each stop, mosey .25 to .5ish miles

Stop 1

ATMs -2 Sets

Alternating Shoulder Taps 10 IC

Tempo Merkins 10 IC

Merkins 10

Stop 2 

Burpees 25-OYO-

Stop 3

Step ups 10 IC (if location does not allow-Bonnie Blairs 10 IC)

Decline merkins 20 (if location does not allow-pick a different merkin)

Dips 20

Stop 4 

Squats 30

Groiners 10

Stop 5 (if time permits)

Hillbillies 10 IC

Goofballs 10 IC


LBCs 15 IC

Flutter Kicks 15 IC

American Hammers 20 IC

COT-Confidence vs. Ego

Inspiration for this COT comes to you via the Michael Jordan docuseries on ESPN, The Last Dance. Watching this series has allowed my son and I to have a vacation from our current sports deprived world. MJ was in my opinion, The GOAT. 

But there were times during this docuseries he came across as a real cocky dude. Did he earn “the right” to be cocky? In most cases I would say yes. But that doesn’t change the fact that he had a huge ego that may not have of only helped him in life but held him back too. As I watched this with my son, I found myself trying to explain the difference between confidence andego.

One explanation I found comes from Ryan Holiday’s blog. Holiday authored Ego is the Enemy. In short, confidence isevidence of our strength and abilities. I consider that your work product or results you have produced in life that you can draw from moving forward to give you poise to conquer similar feats. 

Ego, on the other hand, is “a kind of unhealthy belief in our own importance. The idea that we have unlimited strengths and no weaknesses. It’s the voice whispering in our ear that we’re better than other people, that our needs matter more, that the rules don’t apply to someone as exceptional as we are.” See this link for more https://ryanholiday.net/what-ego-edges-out/

The point of my COT is not to prescribe a cure or strategy to have confidence but not be egotistic. I don’t have the answer for that. The point is to have you be mindful of when you areslipping out of the confidence zone and into the ego zone which I would argue is counterproductive.

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