F3 Heavy Metal – Actions instead of thoughts

AO – The Heavy Metal

58 degrees; perfect morning. 

Q – BetaMax – Group 1, Safe Ride co-Q’d Group 2

PAX:  To comply with social distancing and groups of 10, Pax split up into 2 groups.   14 total PAX.

Group 1 (Playground): TC (Respect!), SUV (Hate!), Stella, Squidward, Bloodshot, Folsom, Wentworth, Samples (Respect!), BetaMax

Group 2 (Gazebo): Swinger,  SafeRide,  Othello, Frosty, Hoosegow

5:30 AM:  Welcome PAX.  F3 Mission and Core Principals reviewed.  Disclaimer given. PAX counted off into 1 and 2 to comply with social distancing. 


SSH – 20 IC

Tappy taps 15 IC

Sun Gods 10 IC each, forward & reverse

Chinooks 10 IC each, forward & reverse

Morocan night club 15


  • AMRAP Suitcases (leave dumbbells on ground and stand up, squat and grab weights then stand up)
  • AMRAP Kettlebell swings (one dumbbell), catch the dumbbell with the opposite hand mid-air and squat back down, repeat
  • AMRAP Slowly bring dumbbells up in front raise and go over your head / slowly lower back down
  • Repeat x 3 (AMRAP was defined by “until the PAX looks exhausted”, as which point the Q advanced to the next exercise).


“Wait… what?  THAT was the pre-thang?  It’s 5:50 a.m.!!”

“Oh man… suitcases force you to squat really deep.”

“Throw a 20lb dumbbell in the air and catch it?”

“You’ll feel this tomorrow” followed by, “I feel this now.”


  • AMRAP hand release merkins
  • AMRAP alternating rows (right, then left)
  • AMRAP front shoulder press (weights in front)
  • AMRAP half shoulder press (wide) don’t extend all the way up
  • AMRAP shoulder shrugs
  • AMRAP bicep curls
  • AMRAP bicep curl position, arms straight in front and row back (palms up)
  • AMRAP hands reverse wide rows out in front
  • AMRAP tricep kick back
  • Side lunge (left)
  • Side lunge (right)
  • Calf raises


  • Bicep curls to Arnold press right arm only
  • Right arm row with turn
  • Right arm hold in front with weight in hand (extended)
  • Right arm triceps kickback
  • Repeat on left side

Omaha was called at 6:07


  • Reverse table top pushing on knees
  • Reverse table top pushing on knees with elbows
  • Reverse table top pushing on knees while rocking
  • American Hammers

Prayers: Keep the PAX who cannot post in your thoughts and prayers.

COT: Remember that your actions, and not your thoughts are the things that matter. As each HIM among us accelerates, we need to push/pull/challenge others around us (spouses, children co-workers, etc.) to accelerate as well.  “We are what we repeatedly do. ” -Aristotle

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