5/18/20 Cornhusker Handicap – My hat’s off to you

Q – Slow Pitch and First Lieutenant Q – Bubbles

Two groups of 8 PAX, with basic math would be 16 PAX, split into two, well-spaced and socially distanced groups of men. 

How the gloom started: Shovel flags meet up, enjoy 51 degrees of drizzle while the mission statement was stated and 4 of the 5 principles were memorized, while the 5th had to be whispered into Slow Pitch’s ear (thank you Khakis (Respect)). Then we counted off into two groups, Bubbles taking one Slow Pitch the other.

Start with Mosey around – 67th street, Frances St, Aksarben Dr, Mercy Rd (if two groups, group one start on 67th and group two start down Aksarben and holding their breath when passing each other), then circling up at the defined Warmarama locations.

Warmarama: one group by the stage, two by the Stinson penis

Deepest Tug Squats: 20 on Down

Greek Turek’s (Bobby Hurley with a dunk at the top) 20  

Bubble Kicks: 20 IC

Tater Taps: 20 IC

Ponzi Pinchers: 20 on Down

Bear Crawl (one lap around stage or penis)

Backwards Mosey, one lap around on sidewalk (Big Loop)

The Pre-Thang: Khak Attack (the longest pre-thang in the history of F3 Omaha, beating the other previous record, also held by Slow Pitch at Futurama).  Good mumble chatter about the time duration.

Set up cones 30 yards apart: 

Get into groups of 2 and line up at one set of cones. These are to be done with partner:

Start with Hydraulic Squat at line, do one, then run to next set of cones, do Freddy Mercury: 1 IC, run back to starting line.

Repeat, adding one rep at each set of cones until 10 reps of each.

Example:    1 Hydraulic Squat, Run, 1 IC Freddy Mercury

2 Hydraulic Squat, Run, 2 IC Freddy Mercury’s

3 Hydraulic Squat, Run, 3 IC Freddy Mercury’s… up to

10 Hydraulic Squat, Run, 10 IC Freddy Mercury’s

Mosey: Forward one lap around sidewalk, returning to original cones

The Thang:

Exercises are listed on cones to be done together: Finish all 5 exercises at that cone, sprint to next cone. Due to time restrictions Slow Pitch’s group cut the reps in have to complete by Mary. Bubbles’ group did not modify.

Cone One:

Carolina Dry Docks – 20 on down

One Legged Burpees – 5 Each Leg

Very slow and deep Jump Squats – 10 on down

Imperial Walkers – 10 IC

Diamond Merkin – 20 on down

Sprint to next set of cones:

Cone Two:

Smurph Jacks – 20 IC

Up Downs (Chop feet in place, down to chest on down) – 10 

Chilly Jacks – 20 IC

Knerkin (Chuck Norris) – 20 on down

Sumo Squats – 20 on down 

Rinse and Repeat until 6:04, call Omaha and go to stage or Penis, wherever your group started warmarama.


Starfish Crunch – 20 IC

E 2 K’s – 10 each elbow/leg

Low Dolly – 20 on open

Gas Hammers – 25 IC

COT:  My hat’s off to you

These last few months have been filled with uncertainty for me, but the one constant has been the stability of the men of F3. Whether you have worked out OYO, with a partner, with your M, or with other men, or just caught up on sleep, my hat’s off to you! All of you have something that I desire to have. I admire the man that disciplined enough to do the OYO workouts at home or elsewhere, I admire the man that has a partner to help each other, I admire than man that can workout with his wife, I admire the men that realized that they needed a group to help them, I admire the man that goes from one or two workouts a week to five or six and I admire the man that understood he needs to rest his body and mind.  Whichever man you are doesn’t matter, as long as, you are continuing to accelerate forward during these times.  I admire you and my hat’s off to you!

Sparty took us out in prayer, sounding polished and with meaning. – Thank you!

In admiration: Slow Pitch

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