Golden Spike Backblast: Come Fly With Birdman

May 15, 2020 |AO – Golden Spike | Burke High School | 51° F 

PAX:  Group 1 led by Birdman: Jean Claude, Blue Suede, Uncle Rico, FNG Titanium (Respect), FNG Aluminum (Hate), Greek Freak, FDIC, Stretch, Wentworth, Tug Boat

Group 2 led by Wait Time: Bubbles, Vandeley (Respect), Khakis (Respect), Quick Snap (Hate), Saul, Roadhouse, Firewalker, TC (Respect)

Group 3 led by Sparty: Penny Pincher, Brazilian, Thor, Hog (Respect), Blue Chip, Mufasa, Hard Hat, Slow Pitch, The Curse

VQ: Birdman — Additional Qs Sparty and Wait Time

Birdman welcomed 30 PAX to Golden Spike. Birdman explained the mission of F3, checked for FNGs, gave the necessary disclaimer and reminded PAX to modify as needed. 

PAX were then divided into 3 groups in order to comply with social distancing guidelines. 

1 – Warm a rama• PAX  “Fly Mosey’d” one lap around parking lot and congregate in circle (Fly Mosey = mosey while flapping arms up and down as if you are flying.)• Side straddle hop – 20 IC• Tappy taps – 10 IC• Sun gods – 10 forward and 10 reverse IC• Imperial Walkers – 15 IC

2 – Pre Thang• Birdman Merkins – 20 reps (sort of like superman merkins – 1 merkin followed by a hold for 3 count in the super man position. When in superman position you flap your arms up and down like you are flying. Repeat this until you get to 20 reps 

(in summary, 1 merkin followed by 3 second “flying” superman)

3- The Thang – 2 man grinder – Pax “flew” from New York to Las Vegas with exercises in between. 

Two sets of cones were placed in the parking lot from the starting line approximately 25 yards apart (totaling a 50 yardapproximate distance from start to end of cones). PAX divided into partners. One Pax ran to cones performing burpees at the first and second set of cones before running back to star while his partner performed the exercises listed below.

New York• Peter Parkers – 100 IC 

Omaha• Marcus Zegarowski’s (3 defensive slides right and touch ground, 3 defensive slides left and touch ground = 1 rep) – 50 total• Werkins, merkins or diamond merkins (PAX choice each time he’s on a layover) – 100 total (1 is 1) 

Las Vegas• Vegas Pole Squats (stick your 6 out as far as you can, hold your arms out as if you are grabbing a pole on a Vegas stage, and perform a squat) – 100 total (1 is 1)• Pickle Pushers – 100 IC 

Rinse and repeat if time permits

4 – Mary• American Hammers – 30 IC

OMAHA was called at 6:01 am and FNGs were named after the Name a rama. 

Circle of Trust:

Words of Wisdom—Birdman told 2 stories of how forgiveness had played an important role in his life as a 16 year old and 20 years later as an adult. 

Birdman then asked the PAX to reflect and act on the following things over the weekend:

1. Tell someone in their life that they love them. Many timesit goes unsaid and sometimes people need to hear the words out loud.

2. To dig deep and grant forgiveness to someone in their lives if they seek it. This forgiveness would set them free and most likely set the PAX free too. Forgiveness is a great gift for the seeker and the grantor.3. Take 10 minutes to recognize and acknowledge the value each of them bring to this world. Take 10 mins to focus on yourself. Each PAX possesses gifts and talents that are unique to them. Gifts and talents given to us by God. These are not to be suppressed. These are to be celebrated!

FDIC led the PAX in a closing prayer.



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