MAIZE Backblast: 2 year anniversary

Maize Backblast: 2yr Anniversary
5/14/2020, MAIZE AO
Group 1 PAX: Thor, Crab Cakes, Penny Pincher, Thomas, Bubbles, Hard Hat Group 2 PAX: Slow Roast, Sasquash, Hawg, Butterfly,Wait Time
Q’s: Hard Hat & Wait Time
Warm a Rama
Abe Vigoda IC x 15 Makhtar N’Diayes IC x 10 Smurf Jacks IC x 10
Mt. Climbers IC x 15
PAX used to the basketball court and parking lot to continue the Warm-A-Rama with some Plyometrics.
High Knee (length of court)
Ass Kickers (length of court)
Karaoke (Down and Back)
Skip for Height (Down and Back) Backward Run (length of court) Sprint (length of court)
THE THANG (Copper Field Magic Show)
Set up four cones in a square approximately 20′ apart. PAX were instructed to use four exercises to move around the perimeter of the square (BEAR CRAWL > LUNGE > CRAB WALK > DUCK WALK)
Partner A did the four-square exercises, while Partner B started these exercises. When Partner A finished the square, he and Partner B flap-jacked. Exercises were: MERKINS – LBCs – Monkey Humpers – Burpees – Pickle Pushers
PAX ran a circle through the park and returned to the four-square while doing a second set of exercises:
Imperial Walkers – Copperhead squats – Low Slow Flutter
PAX planked to the six and shifted to the final three exercises in cadence:
Smurf Jacks IC x 10
Plank Jacks IC x 10
Makhtar N’Diayes IC x 10 Mosey to shovel flag

ABCs – Marge & Homer – Box Cutter – American Hammer IC x 20
Circle of Trust:
May 3rd was the 2nd anniversary of the Maize AO. Due to the COVID pandemic, we postponed the anniversary celebration to today. Like many events and celebrations, we’ve had to modify as needed. It shows the strength we all have as leaders and how we handle adversity. Like the great Rocky Balboa once said “It ain’t about how hard you hit: It’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward. It’s how much you can take, and keep moving forward. That’s how winning is done.”
Hard Hat & Wait Time

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