F3 OMAHA – THE REOPENING (Tater Tot and Wait Time) – 5/9/2020

Saturday, May 9 – “Welcome to F3!  Fitness, Fellowship and Faith…”  Man did that feel good to say out loud and see the smiles of the roughly 70 PAX that posted across the metro.  We could feel the sunrise and the warm chill in the air – it was everywhere.  We were in the moment.  There were reconnections happening, the organized chaos was welcomed, the unknown was accepted and comforting being around so many HIM.  Today was not about a workout (except for the burpees as those were supposed to be meaningful…).  Today was about the PAX (records set at both The Pit and Aldrich).  It was about being in the moment with our brothers and to think of those that were not able to join us. It was/is about reflecting and recognizing we all are managing this time differently and to respect and learn from each other. It didn’t matter if you had been a part of F3 for 2 years or you were an FNG family of five, everyone was experiencing something new and genuinely one of the most memorable moments of F3 Omaha’s short life.  Although Tater Tot and Wait Time put the workout together on paper, it was led by each and every one of you and be remembered for quite some time.  Here is the rest of the story…. 

6am Aldrich (Red Wing) – There were also three pre runners (Sparty, Vandelay and….?)

Group 1 – Pony Express, Tuna Fish, Lucky Charms, Tug Boat, Chiclets (Respect) Quick Snap (Hate), Khakis (Respect)

Group 2 – FDIC, 2-Step, Greek Freak, Grillz, Tater Tot, Bubbles

7am Aldrich (Red Wing)

Group 1 – Slow Pitch, Honey Badger, Sparty, 2-Cycle (FNG/Hate), Sasquash, Thor, Tater Tot

Group 2 – Kielbasa, Birdman, Pueblo (FNG/Respect), Blue Suede, LeDoux, Norm Sutton (FNG Padre), Big One

Group 3 – Khakis (Respect), Blue Chip, Quick Snap (Hate), Trademark, Thomas, Pothole, Andrew Dutton (FNG- Fr. Flannagan), Honey Stinger

Group 4 – Wentworth, Saul, Cyclone (Respect), Phil Sutton (FNG/Respect), Vandelay (Respect), No Doze

7am Halleck Park (The Pit) – Oscar Mike Ruckers (Wait Time/Beta Max) and three pre runners.

Group 1 – Bloodshot, Jean Claude, Crawl, Tadpole, Tadpole (Hate), Huffy, Brazilian, Gunner

Group 2 – Roadhouse, Fire Walker, Govna, Crab Cakes, Wipe Out, Polaroid, Swinger, Wait Time

Group 3 – Toadstool, Beta Max, Lemon Law, Biggie Smalls, Stretch, Folsom, Safe Ride

5/9/2020 Beatdown

7:00am – Group Intro

7:03am – Split into groups of 10 or less

7:05am – Mosey to a location of your choice taking two cones with you.

Warm-a-rama: led by the PAX until 7:15am:

Today is about reinvigorating the PAX.  Once you get to your cone, Q will ask some PAX to lead their favorite exercise to get their mighty muscles warmed up.

Pre Thang

7:15am – The Official F3 Nation Steinl – Yes, this is hard.

30 second plank

30 second chillcut plank

10 IC Merkins 

10 IC Peter Parkers – In plank, alternating legs, left knee toward left elbow then right knee to right elbow (Spiderman climbing a wall)

10 IC Mountain Climber

10 IC Parker Peter (right side only) – In Plank, knee to elbow, chest, opposite elbow

10 IC Merkins

10 IC Parker Peter – In Plank, (left side only) knee to elbow, chest, opposite elbow

10 IC Merkins

The Thang

7:20am – (set out two cones 10 yards apart)

Broad Jump to cone

Legs – 20 IC or on down of PAX choice

Reverse Lunge back to cone

Merkins – 20 merkins of PAX choice

(Rinse and Repeat until 7:30am)

7:30am – 10 minutes enjoyable mosey – Q lead the PAX on a run (5 minutes out, 5 minutes back).  Take the time to chat, reconnect, listen, breath.

7:40am – 50 burpees OYO.  If you are done before others, go join them.  As you complete these, try and reflect on the last 50 days.  Think of your brothers that you need to reach out to.  Think of those that are not able to join us still.  Think of your family.

7:45am(ish) – Mosey back to your starting area/school for Mary

½ Mary (3 minutes of Mary)

7:50am – PAX rock out whatever core they would like to for 3 minutes


7:53am – 

Count Off

Name – a – rama   

Name any FNG’s and get info to Tater Tot

Each group had their own experiences.  Whether you had one of the family of five FNG’s in your group that absolutely put a smile on everyone’s face or you witnessed PAX finishing a 6am beatdown while a stream of others paraded in all wanting to be a part of something greater than themselves – it was special.  If it was watching the steam roll off the lake at Halleck Park and appreciating what is right in front of you – it was special.  Or if it was helping or being helped to finish the 50 burpees (F3 Omaha’s doors where velcro fastened for 50 long days and was a time to reflect on what you went through to get to this point – Big One…) – it was special.  Whatever space you were in, whatever you were feeling, however you decided to approach and remember the day – it was special. As we continue to go through this period in time and try and make sense of it, today we were quickly reminded of the importance of human interaction and honest and sincere relationships.  How lucky are we to have been given the opportunity to not only experience the morning of May 9, 2020, but experience the power of Fitness, Fellowship and Faith.   

Thank you for allowing us to lead and more importantly thank you for leading our community. 

Tater Tot and Wait Time


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