St Patricks Day Irish Jiggy Jig

PAX- Wait Time, Tater Tot, Spy Ponder, Poloroid, Khakis, Slow Pitch, Bubbles, Brazilian, Folsom, Two Step, Lanoma, Frosty, Swinger, Crawl, Stella, Blue Chip, Huffy, Chiclets,

Q’s -Honey Stinger, Lucky Charms

Groups were divided into two groups of 10 for safety purposes. Both Q’s welcomed PAX, recited mission statements and tried to speak in Irish dialects. Stinger wore his favorite Irish looking hat and Lucky Charms just looks damn Irish

H Stingers WOR


Sun Gods with Calf Raise-10IC each direction

Goof balls/Drunken Irishman 15IC

Tappy Taps-12IC

Mountain climbers-15IC

Zombie walks Irish style 15IC

Abe Vagodas




Hustle to tables for…………..


Incline Merkins-10


Two rounds

Over the Rainbow Stinger Pot o Gold hops

5 hops over the wall. Followed 10 merkins 5 hops over the wall followed by 20 air squats

6MM-Hillbilly Rocketts 15IC, Irish 2 Step 6 rounds/8 count, flutter kicks 15IC, LBCs 15IC, Pickle pushers 15IC, American hammer 15IC

COT-“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” Martin Luther King Jr

Aye, YHC H.S Stinger

Lucky Charms Irish act of Savagery

Welcomed 9 other PAX (keeping the groups to 10 or less). Tried to keep an Irish brogue for as long as possible. I made it through Warm-a-rama- Welcome to F3- We are here to plant, serve & grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership- Free. Open to all men. Held Outdoors. Lead on a rotating basis. End in a COT.- Not a professional, adapt as needed

Warm-A-Rama: Mosey to stage- Tappy Taps – 12 IC- Sungods – 10 IC each way- High knees (arms to your side) (aka Irish jigs)– 20 IC- Hand release merkins – 10 IC- Partner up

The Thang – Starting at the bottom of the hill, one partner begins an exercise (some moving) around the inside loop of the sidewalk. The other partner runs up the hill, stands on the wall and comes back to meet his partner wherever he stops. When the runner taps you out, stand up, do a heal kick and begin your run. Each partner will complete the following exercises once each before moving to the next exercise.  o Lungeso Carolina Dry Dockso Lungeso Carolina Dry Docks- After one time around, regroup at the bottom of the hill. Bear crawl up and down the hill until the 6. When everyone is in, we will do 17 jump tucks on the up. Then, pick a new partner, same process, new exercises. o Side lungeso Walking merkins (4-count walk, two merkins, repeat)o Side lungeso Walking merkins (4-count walk, one merkins, repeat)

Switch groups at 5:50 a.m.- Same exercises for group 2

Mary- Freddie Mercuries – 20 IC- Low dollies (on open) – 25 on open, – Pickle Pushers, – Finished with high knees and arms to the side (Irish jigs)


A non-Irish (likely Scottish man), who was kidnapped by Pirates and sold into slavery. This man became a missionary in Ireland. He became a symbol for hope for an entire country and a symbol of Christianity. Pretty meaningful person for a group like ours.  

To me, here are a few things to ponder today:- We celebrate a man who dedicated his life to service. He worked in the country that enslaved him years before. We are called to do the same. – In Ireland, this date is normally a day for family. Celebrate your loved ones. There may be whiskey, but it’s to celebrate those around us, not down a 1/5th of Jameson. – So go out. Be of service to your family, especially in these difficult times. Celebrate the times we get to be around our families as closely as we do right now. Count your blessings. Slainte!

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