The Woodshed finale

Thing: 7 of Diamonds
Counted-off into four groups., Distributed one group to each corner of diamond/square.
at start of Criteria’s new album, Years, 7 burpees as a group, then run counter clockwise to next corner. 7 burpees. Run to third corner. 7 burpees. Run to fourth corner. 7 burpees. Run back to first corner.
14 Flutter Kicks IC at each corner.
21 Merkins on down at each corner.
28 Air Squats on down
21 Carolina Dry Docks on down
14 Scissor Kicks
7 Jump tucks were omitted because OMAHA was called on the thing and pax were instructed to mosey to the curbed island of the round-about in the south parking lot.

Post-Thing: Absolution set to the tempo of The Git Up by Blando Brown. 8 count exercise of grinders in plank, makhtar indyes(sp?) to chilcut, chilly-jack with m’i’ back up to plank. Pax did above to the beat of the song until the Q’s shoulders succumbed and OMAHA was feebly called on the post-thing.

Moseyed back to shovel flags for Marys.
Marys: American Hammers, led by Othello, thanks bro!

Count-off =22
Name-o-rama: Khakis (respect), Samples (respect), Folsom, Firewalker, Saferide, Huffy, Smashmouth, Stella, Sparta, Slow Pitch, Honey Badger, Pony Express (h), Bloodshot, Gunner, Bubbles, The Plague, Honey Stinger, Rollbar, Othello, Curtain Call (h), Rancid (h), Two Step.

FNG not applicable. (But Q is working on a number of Sad Clowns that need a good beatdown)

CSAUP still on, 4/18.
Freed to Lead discussion tomorrow(?sorry) at Paradise(?sorry).

Prayer Requests:
Folsom’s girlfriend, a dedicated special ed teacher, lost a student recently, prayers of support through this time and for strength to continue her awesome work.

Our community, our country and our world because coronavirus. Stay safe and responsible.

Q thanked F3 for opportunity to lead today and follow every other day. Smashmouth for encouraging and Toadstool bringing him, Tatertot for reaching out and Samples for inspiring. Thankful also to Polaroid for his F3 name, Two Step, which like his hospital name, can be said to communicate many different things when said in different ways and situations. And when he flashes ✌🏻, it could mean “peace,” “hello,” “goodbye,” “better make it a double” or “two fries actually”, but here it means I see you 👀 and you see me. We are each other’s witnesses that we’ve been here in the gloom, reaching out to grab fully onto life, for the betterment of ourselves and the invigoration of our community.
So, Celebrate we will, because life is short but sweet for certain. (Q actually buggered up that lyric quote from Dave Mathew’s Two Step, but he thinks a couple pax got it.) ✌🏻

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