The Woodshed

F3Omaha Woodshed Backblast
3/13/22020, Two Step’s VQ

Preblast: tweeted one day ahead. Made a play off the exercise “absolution” that nobody picked up. But it’s ok.

05:30 Pax were welcomed, Q self-introduced, stated the mission of F3 and listed core principles-each one circular, what’s up with that? FNG discovery was not directly performed, but was negative.
Q reminded pax that although by the grace of God he has a profession, this ain’t it! He is not a professional at this, risk of injury is real and modifications are recommended PRN.
Pax moseyed to Grotto.

Q discussed his appreciation for the Grotto, a neat place where a lot cool things have happened in Omaha’s history, though a lot of not-so cool things are also alleged to take place. 22y/o male body was found hanging from bridge last Sunday. No foul play, Q does not have details, but suspects suicide and is saddened though is grateful pax have F3 and F3 brings positive energy to these grounds with things like:
Side straddle hop ic x 25
Cherry pickers ic x 15, sungods forward ic x 15, backward ic x 15, chinooks ic x 15, ospreys ic x 15.
Did you know this park formerly hosted a colony of monkeys? They lived on an island in a pond, like a microzoo for early Omahans. So, this is an entirely non-creepy place for:
Monkey Humpers ic x 25

Moseyed to prething between baseball diamonds.

Pre-Thing: Two-step Suicides/Romeo and Juliet
Coupled-up, similar sized partners.
Couples lined up along baseline of suicide “court”
Partners face each other, one with back to court is Juliet, one facing court is Romeo.
Right palm up, left palm down, lock fingers.
Juliets run backwards fast as possible, always first step right foot. Romeos keep up with Juliets, don’t let them fall.
At first line, positions stable, but roles reverse, running back to baseline.
Roles reverse (back to original) and run/two-step to second line.
Repeat to third line, then far baseline.
(Q wonders if this could be worth submitting to the exicon someday)

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