HEAVY METAL Backblast: Tune-Up

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 | Heavy Metal | AO Stinson Park (Omaha, NE) | 37°, temperate
19 PAX:  Firewalker, Beta Max, Safe Ride, Armbar, Jean Claude, Frosty, Hog (Respect!), Rollbar, Fury (Hate!), Samples (Respect!), Stella, Slow Roast, Ponzi, Othello, Bloodshot, Kielbasa (Hate!), Folsom, Two Step, Rancid (Hate!)Q: Rancid

At 0530, the alarm was activated. Rancid bestowed greetings upon one and all! Asked PAX to raise a hand if it was their first time posting to Heavy Metal, and a smattering of digits were held to the sky (Welcome, brothers!)  F3 Omaha – fitness, fellowship, and faith. Mission statement. Five core principles. Introduction and disclaimer. No FNGs. It’s is gonna be a fun day. And so, we mosey to the Most Pit – grasslands directly in front of the Stinson stage.

Spotify Playlist = https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1jPcazJdnonUTafbq7ALy8?si=dgyMhMGSS7-w0ar_wcnTiw


10 IC each


Tappy Taps

Shoulder Taps

Sun Gods (Front/Back)

Chinooks (Forward/Backward)


High Knees



“Bloodclot” by Rancid – 2:45

Using weights, PAX hold a plank.

(Renegade Rows, baby!)

0:00 – Right (up) on “Hey” Left (up) on “Ho”

0:12 – Plank Jacks

0:25 – Mountain Climbers

0:37 – Plank

0:48 – Right (up) on “Hey” Left (up) on “Ho”

0:54 – Plank Jacks

1:07 – Mountain Climbers

1:18 – Plank

1:31 – Right (up) on “Hey” Left (up) on “Ho”

1:36 – Plank Jacks

1:43 – Mountain Climbers

1:54 – Plank

2:00 – Merkins

2:20 – Right (up) on “Hey” Left (up) on “Ho”


10-count or -IC

each station x2


            Arnold Press


            Rear Delt Fly

            Lunges (each leg)



Ponzi Pinchers (Aye, Ponzi!)

Bent Over Row

Shoulder Shrugs

Triceps Extension

Kettle Bell Swing

Chest Press



            Big Boy Sit-Ups

            Kneeling Woodchop (each side)

            Side Lunges (each leg)




“Indestructible” by Rancid – 1:35

PAX wall-sit along the brick wall.

Press/Pass a 35lb Olympic plate down/back for length of the song.


Scissor kicks

Gas Pumpers


Low Dollies

Heals to Heaven

Freddy Mercuries

American Hammers


Count-off. Name-O-Rama. Announcements.

  • Splinter Food Drive – F3 Omaha emailed sign-up to provide food/support as Splinter’s M recovers from surgery this month. 7 kiddos to feed. Contact F3 leadership if you have questions or would like to help in anyway.
  • March 13thFreed to Lead discussion group. 2nd and 4th Fridays, 12-1PM at Paradise Bakery (Regency). See Lemon Law or #third-f on Slack.
  • POSTPONED – March 27th – Girls Inc. of Omaha – Strong, Smart, Bowled! Fundraiser. #second-f opportunity still available. See Two Step to find out how you can help!
  • April 1st – Top Rope (brand new AO) launching at Boys Town. Wednesday boot camp. Site Q’d by Armbar. Follow on Twitter.
  • April 18th – CSAUP / 2-Year F3 Omaha Anniversary . . . more details TBA
  • Shout-Out / T-Claps to Othello (new Futurama site Q on Thursday), Two Step (VQ on Friday), and Beta Max (new Heavy Metal site Q next Wednesday). Keep accelerating, gentlemen!

Tune-Up- a process in which small changes are made to something in order to make it work better.Musicians in an orchestra do not simply walk on-stage and begin performing with their ensemble. Practice and experience aside – a professional understands the significance of “the tune-up”. When the group is live on-stage, immediately before they are about to perform their symphony, an orchestra will tune their individual instruments with respect to the sounds of their partners on-stage. Without this crucial process, each person would be playing their version of the music exactly as written, but the context (and overall impact) will be out-of-place and unremarkable.

F3, in this light, isn’t really so different. The individual men who arrive to the gloom in the wee hours of the morning might have been practicing for years on their own. When they perform alongside their brothers, however, they begin to realize the impact of their team. They begin to realize that their performance is enhanced – not hindered – by the support and enthusiasm of the men performing beside them. The begin to realize that they are not on their own. They begin their tuning process.

Music has a particular impact on our neurology. The documentary Alive Inside explores the significance that music can have upon engagement of a person’s mind, particularly those individuals whose mental experiences are atypical.

Today, set aside a few minutes and re-listen to a favorite song or artist from your past – especially one which you used to bump on-the-regular but haven’t heard in as long as you can remember. Make sure that you really, truly listen to it. Experience it. Grab your best set of headphones and allow yourself five minutes to zone-in. You might just be surprised by what you discover during your trip down memory lane.

Closed out in prayer. (Thank you, Sky Q!)

 ½ PAX attended Coffeteria.

You are not alone!




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