March 6, 2020//AO-Golden Spike// 40 degrees

21 PAX: Gumbo, Saul, Jean Claude, Tonight Show, Thor, Sparty, FNG – Short Stop, Butterfly (Respect!), Hog (Respect!), Wait Time, Rollbar, Firewalker, Slow Pitch, Blue Chip, Birdman, Vandalay, FDIC, Uncle Rico, Tug Boat, Tincup, BetaMax

Q: BetaMax

BetaMax gave the F3 mission statement and core principles and confirmed that there were no FNG’s.  Disclaimer was given.

Pre-Warm O Rama

Lady Luck

One member of the PAX rolled two dice; if they rolled a 7 or more, they got to choose what exercise the Q would lead the PAX in performing 20 reps of.  If less than 7 was rolled, the Q rolled his own special exercise dice to decide what would be performed. 

The Thang: Be the six!

The PAX of 21 was divided up into two groups, one heading to each end zone.  The work out was completed on your own, but it was the opposite of “picking up the six” as the goal was to be the six!

The field was lit up with five cones, every 20 yards, including in each end zone.  The PAX would perform the exercise listed until they physically could do no more (e.g. if you can only do ten merkins without modifying, do ten and sprint to the next 20 yard line).  The more reps you do, the slower you advance to each line.  Rinse and repeat.

  • End zone – Merkins
  • 20 yard line – Flutter kicks
  • 40 yard line – Burpees
  • 60 yard line – Big boys
  • 80 yard line – Mountain climbers
  • End zone – Monkey humpers

6MOM – Duck jousting

The PAX entered into friendly combat in the duck walk position. Arms remained crossed across chest. Bumping, nudging, rubbing and checking was highly encouraged. No biting, scratching, standing up or falling over or you are out. Kicking was allowed if able to remain in the duck walk position on one leg. Last man to remain on his feet was declared the winner.


  • First Friday Lunch– West roads Commons
  • First F3 midwest rucking event is this Saturday in Kansas City – checkout Slack for more details or contact RollBar/BetaMax for more info.  There is room for one more HIM to attend.
  • See Slack to sign up to support Splinter’s family.


  • Splinter’s M’s surgery
  • HIM with injuries, sickness and aliment who cannot join us in the gloom


 “So the last will be first, and the first last.” – Matthew 20:16 English Standard Version (ESV)

If you are in a position with direct reports, elevating your staff into leadership roles is a great way to resolve problems, enable them to see things from a different perspective and allows them to grow.  Once they have to plan, execute and be responsible, it changes the nature of any task.  If you are a parent, try this with your kids and see how they mature.




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