2020.03.07 – Spectacular – The Pit Back Blast

Back Blast: Spectacular

Date: 3.7.2020

AO: The Pit

Pax: Crawl, Jean Claude, Safe Ride, The Plague, (Win One for the) Gipper, Tender Foot, Gunner, Firewalker, Tonight Show 

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: Sunny and beautiful! The breeze was coming up towards the end of the morning. 

Tonight Show welcomed 9 (as Roll Bar drove away) pax to a beautiful morning at the Pit.  All pax were informed today would be spectacular. The mission and usual disclaimer were given which of course included that YHC does not care about your opinion of the music. 🙂  After that pax moseyed to the hill on the far side of the pond.


  • Burpees * 10
  • Imperial Walkers * 15 (IC)
  • SSH * 20 (IC)
  • Hairy Rockettes * 15 (IC)
  • Tappy Taps * 15 (IC)
  • Tater taps * 15 (IC)
  • Absolution * 10 (IC)

Pax then moseyed to the street curbs for the pre-THANG


  • Ascending Curb (there actually was no curb available) Crawl to 10. 

The Thang:

Pax moseyed back to the parking lot to begin the THANG which was a 3 man grinder.

Station 1: Everything with a coupon

  1. Clean and press
  2. Curls
  3. Goblet squat
  4. Skull crushers (Tricep extension)
  5. Lunge twist
  6. Block swing (Kettlebell swing)

Rinse and repeat

Station 2:

  1. LBC
  2. Gas pumpers
  3. Freddie mercury
  4. Box cutters
  5. Rosalita
  6. Low Dolly

Rinse and repeat

It became quickly obvious that the stations were too far apart for AMRAP exercises so we modified the distance. After that slight adjustment all was good. 

YHC called Omaha and pax all rallied at the Shovel Flag for Mary


  1. Try Good Morning Abby * 10 (Everyone attempted this. It is super challenging and must have looked great to any bystanders.) 
  2. Iron Hulk (1:4 merkin:air press) for 6 rounds. 


“Don’t confuse spectacular with significant when it comes to God and your calling.”  You have incredibly important jobs that don’t appear to be spectacular. In fact, some of the most important work you do in your life will not be spectacular.  Think of being a leader at work. The best managers do the simple things consistently. It’s not spectular but it’s effective. Think about your children. Anyone with kids knows how hard the monotony of raising children can be but is there a more significant calling you can have?  Being a good husband or friend is no different. These take time and effort and they have significance.


A new AO is opening at Boys Town on April 1st. It is called Top Rope and Arm Bar is the site Q. 

Grow Ruck is coming to Kansas City in August. This is F3s premier leadership development tool. Everyone should strongly consider signing up for this. #HIM like Dredd are anticipated to be in attendance. Make plans now. 


Splinters M had surgery and there is still room to volunteer to bring food. 


Music selection is from a time when rap was still good. 

NO kpop was used in the making of this Playlist. 

Always proud to be part of this group


Tonight Show

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