03/06/2020 The Woodshed Backblast: Traveling

Friday, March 6, 2020 | The Woodshed AO

Elmwood Park (Omaha, NE) | 26°, clear and fair

28 PAX: Stella, Hard Hat, Gunner, Armbar, Folsom, Bloodshot, Othello, Room Service, Pony Express (Hate!), Ponzi, Tater Tot, Smash Mouth, Huffy, Chiclets (Respect!), OMT, Safe Ride, Honey Stinger, Curtain Call (Hate!), Khakis (Respect!), Two Step, Slick, Honey Badger, Swinger, Samples (Respect!), Bubbles, Fury (FNG), Big One, Rancid (Hate!)

Q: Rancid

In the gloom of a mild March morning, men of F3 Omaha met for a fast and fresh beatdown a la Rancid. Pulling in to park, PAX arriving for the regularly scheduled program noticed a dozen or so vehicles belonging to the 0500 group of pre-ruckers and pre-runners (t-claps, gentlemen!!)Furies of fist bumps and how’dya do’s brought us all to 0530, and it was on! Rancid welcomed his brothers to F3 – fitness, fellowship, and faith. Mission statement. Five core principles. Introduction and disclaimer. Shout-out to FNG Ryan (EH Big One). Count-off for good measure, and we mosey. 


20 IC – Side Straddle Hops

15 IC – Mountain Climbers

10 IC – Windmills

15 IC – Copper Head Squats

15 IC – High Knees

​15 IC – Monkey Humpers


Alternating-Alternating Shoulder Taps

As we moseyed in to the front of the clubhouse, Rancid assigned each man to either Team 1 (balls to the wall) or Team 2 (plank to the walkway). Both teams move for Alternating Shoulder Taps. Rancid asked for a # between 1 and 5 (4!) and for a # between 5 and 10 (8!). 4 X 8 = 32. 32 AST in-cadence. Groans. Mumbles. We begin, and Q quickly modified all to split count (16). Teams switched places for repeat, then mosey to the parking lot east of the pool for The Thang.  


Circle-up in the center of the lot, Al Gore for the six. Rancid introducedPAX to Park Road Trail and offered instructions for a successful beatdown. 

(1) The Woods

15 – Bobby Hurley’s

15 IC – Imperial Walkers

15 – Bonnie Blare’s

15 IC – Cherry Pickers ​​​

Push when (5) begins to mosey

Teams (2), (3), (4) wait for push

(2) The Bleachers

15 – Squats

15 – Dips

15 – Step-Ups15 – Decline Merkins

(3) The Lot15 IC – Tappy Taps

15 – Carolina Dry Docks

15 – Jump Tucks 

15 – Plank Jacks

(4) The Ramp

1 Burpee at top/bottom

(5) The Stairs (pushers)

Bear Crawl (stairs or hill)

Al Gore at top for the six

Team push to (1) from top


Failure to Launch

Oh-Yeahs! for the six on the south side. Circle-up in the open field behind The Pavilion. Rancid quickly demo’d the full PAX exercise (hold squat for ten-count, launch on the up – shout-out to Uncle Rico and all other birthday-week HIMs!!). Rancid directed different members to lead each countdown, and approximately seven launches later, we made our mosey return to the Shovel Flags. 

0607 – MARY

15 IC – Scissor Kicks

15 IC – LBCs 

20 – Low Dolly’s

20 – Big Boys 

28 (full PAX indv. cadence) – American Hammers 

0612 – COT

Count-off. Name-O-Rama. FNG (Welcome, Fury!!). Announcements.• Splinter Food Drive – F3 Omaha emailed sign-up to provide food/support as Splinter’s M recovers from surgery this month. 7 kiddos to feed. Contact F3 leadership if you have questions or would like to help in anyway.• March 13th – Freed to Lead discussion group. 2nd and 4th Fridays, 12-1PM at Paradise Bakery (Regency). See Lemon Law or #third-f on Slack.• March 27th – Girls Inc. of Omaha – Strong, Smart, Bowled!Fundraiser. #second-f opportunity at The MARK. 6-8PM. Sign-up in teams of six. See Two Step to find out more. • April 1st – Top Rope (brand new AO) launching at Boys Town. Wednesday boot camp. Site Q’d by Armbar. Follow on Twitter. 

“A man does not have to travel from town to town searching for something hard and purposeful to do. Nor does he have to wait for an expert to tell him what he should do. He can find what he believes needs doing right in his own Community” 

(Freed to Lead, 119)

A few weeks ago, when I came across this paragraph in F3’s Freed to Lead, I took a photo of the page with my cell phone just so I could remember to bring this up to our PAX at my COT. In a time and place of our existence, when and where we often feel helpless to the news of the world beyond our reach, it’s important to remember. Prioritize those people whom you can have a direct and positive impact every single day. 

Many (if not, most) of our brothers are husbands and fathers. I see you, and I whole-heartedly admire you. I am neither at this point in my journey, but this is not without wanting. My life is blessed many ways, but I admit I feel a missing-ness, and, sometimes, purposelessness. 

That feeling, however, is squashed when I am shoulder-to-shoulder with fellow HIM of F3 Omaha. You men warmly welcome me back each and every morning, and I will pay that forward to all the FNG’s who, like me, will make their way bleary-eyed into the gloom in order to make their way back better than they could’ve ever imagined. 

Who are the people with whom you care to share your time?

Thank you, brothers, for traveling here with me today. 

Closed out in prayer. (Thank you, Sky Q!) 

½ PAX attended Coffeteria. 




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