The Oracle Backblast: Infectiously Positive Beatdown

The COVID-19 virus is shown under a microscope in this image supplied by the federal government. - CENTERS FOR DISEASE CONTROL

Saturday, March 7, 2020 | The Oracle AO | Boys Town | 7 AM | Sunny and 39 degrees

PAX: Brazilian, Vandelay, Good Life, Shells, Slow Pitch, Selleck, Room Service, Tug Boat, FNG, TC, Reba, Thor, One Hit Wonder, Fix It Felix, Big One, Honey Badger, Sparty, Sweet Tooth, Two Step, Hoggz, Lowman, Specimen, Khakis, Pot Hole, Tuna Fish, Rancid, Chiclets, Kielbasa, Fury and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC greeted 28 PAX and one FNG (welcome Snake Eyes) on a beautiful March morning. After the pleasantries, YHC informed the PAX that he was no longer their friend for the next 55 minutes. The F3 Mission and Disclaimer was shared before the PAX moseyed to the front of the Boys Town campus for Warm-A-Rama.

SSH x 25 IC | Shoulder Taps x 20 IC | Crab Cakes x 15 IC | Imperial Walker x 20 IC | Copperhead Squat x 20 IC | Cherry Pickers x 10 IC | Sun Gods x 10 IC | Chinooks x 10 IC | Moroccan Night Club x 10 IC

The PAX counted off after Warm-A-Rama in Groups of 5 and proceeded to mosey up the main avenue of Boys Town to the shovel flag for the Pre-Thang.


YHC brought out AC-DC for the pre-Thang, despite Vegas odds saying it would be the Steinl. (#Don’tBePredictable). The PAX planked the entire 4:30+ song. Every time “Thunder” was sang, the PAX did a Merkin. Major shoulder burn….I think some people would have preferred the Steinl.
The PAX moseyed to the football practice field next to the field house.

THANG:Five Finger Death Punch”
PAX divided into five groups of six men. There were four stations and a push group that ran the perimeter of the football practice field. When Group 1 finished the run, each group shifted to next station:

Run >
Station: 15 reps of Machtar Ndgiaye | Monkey Humpers | Hydraulic Squats | Hand Release Merkins | Turkish Getups
Station (Wall): 20 reps of Derkins | Dips | Step Ups | Box Jumps
Station (Coupons): 25 reps of Curls | Overhead Press | Squats | Lunge with Twist
Station: 30 reps of Big Boy Sit-ups | LBCs | Dying Cockroach | Flutter Kicks

YHC called “OMAHA!” after one cycle and the first station of the second cycle. Chiclets was sad that we did not visit the Field House and do Balls to the Wall. YHC could not disappoint Chiclets after he celebrated his birthday this week, so the PAX did a 30-Ct Balls to the Wall commemorating Chiclet’s birthday (one day late). After BTTW, PAX moseyed to the shovel flag.

Six Minutes of Mary:

J Lo x 12 IC | Oh Yeah’s x 10 IC (each side) | Pickle Pusher x 10 IC | American Hammer x 25 IC


Girls Inc. Fund Raiser at the Mark in Elkhorn. Two-Step reminded the group about the Girls Inc Fund-raiser on March 27. Great family event or night out for the PAX.

CSAUP on April 18. The celebrate the F3Omaha Second Anniversary, there will be a CSAUP on Saturday April 18. It will be a convergence at the Oracle. CSAUP begins at 5:30AM and ends at 8:00AM. Guys can do the regular 60 minute workout if they desire, or the full CSAUP (Completely Stupid and Utterly Pointless) Workout.

Splinter and his Family. Continue to pray for Splinter and his M as she recovers from surgery.


YHC shared that Coronavirus had consumed the past week. In reflecting on the virus, it made me think about being infectious. Right now, we think of a virus or being infectious as negative. As leaders, we have the ability to be positively infectious or negatively infectious in the world. It is important that we are intentional and thoughtful about the words we use and choices we make.

YHC has not always got it right. There are times when I have said things – dropped the F-bomb – or said things that might not be within the F3 ethos. It is important to be reflective and thoughtful about how we are infectious in the world.

I encourage all men to go out and be positively infectious in the community. As the weather warms, the opportunity for a positive impact in the community with grow for F3Omaha. Ensure you are positively infectious.

We ended in a prayer.

Grace & Peace,

Wait Time

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