The Core: The Maize Backblast

AO: The Maize|Copperfields

PAX: Hog, Butterfly, Barn Door, Slick, Hard Hat, Rollbar, Uncle Rico, Gunner, Tonight Show, Lemon Law

QIC: Lemon Law

Weather: 46°

YHC welcomed the PAX, gave mission and disclaimer. PAX moseyed to far goal post for:


Turkey Chinooks x10F, x10R IC

Windmills x10 IC

Tappy-taps x10 IC

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

Burpees x5 OYO

PAX moseyed to near goalpost for

The Thang: YHC needed to work the core, so PAX did an extended version of Mary. PAX paired up for a basic 2-man grinder. One PAX ran to far goalpost and back, while other did the following AMRAP:

Big Boys, Plank (hold), Crunchy Frogs, Flutter Kicks, Leg Raises, Copperheads, LBCs, Chilcutt (hold), Mountain Climbers, Hammer, Merkins

Partners flapjacked through the list until Omaha was called.

PAX moseyed to the shovel flag for


Barn Door, Hog, and Butterfly picked their favorite core exercise from the morning, and led us IC x20.


Heels to Heaven (Leg Raises)

Flutter Kicks


1) Sign up on Slack to serve a meal for Splinter and family as his wife recovers from surgery

2) 1st Friday Lunch at Flagship Commons

3) Freed to Lead discussion starts March 13th at Paradise Bakery

4) Anniversary week is coming up, April 13-18 (CSAUP on the 18th)

5) New AO, Top Rope, starts in April (date TBD); Wednesdays at Boys Town


YHC talked about core values. Look past the fact that the phrase is overused in personal/corporate development programs.

1) Spend some time today thinking about 3-5 values that define you are/want to be

2) Share those values with your M (good communication), with your 2.0s (so they know what you want to instill in their lives), with your ShieldLock (to hold you accountable).

Rollbar closed us out in prayer.


Lemon Law

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