F3 Futurama – (3/5/20)

On Thursday, March 5, a healthy northern breeze blew 30 PAX to the top of Memorial Park in Omaha, NE. This funky group of HIM’s had no idea what was in store (which is very typical of an F3 morning for the record…). Tater tossed around a few hugs, fist bumps while the others were chatting amongst the group and jumped right with the mission statement and introduction of our FNG (Stan Lee). What happened next may never be attempted again and some may still be scared. Tater attempted to get in touch with his beatboxing vibe and asked willing PAX to follow Tater’s beat and chime in with their touch. Slow Pitch was the first to get out of his comfort zone, followed by a few more. As Tater Tot continued the beat, he noticed the PAX were at a new level discomfort and reaching weird status. Sometimes you need to know what enough is enough and pull the plane up or just jump out. Tater jumped and led these confused HIM’s on a mosey to a less explored part of the park, down some steps to the bottom of a very dark basin. It was on…

PAX: Chiclets (Respect AND Happy Birthday!), TC (Respect!), Honey Badger, Stella, Rancid (Hate!), Folsom, Othello, Big One, Lowman, Tugboat, Stan Lee (FNG), Room Service, Ponzi, Khakis (Respect!), Slow Pitch, Sw..Swinger, Honey Stinger, Samples (Respect!), Toad Stool, Pony Express, The Plague, Brazilian, Two Step, OMT, Safe Ride, Beta Max, Polaroid, Bubbles and Tater Tot.

Warm a rama – 


Tappy Taps w/ Calf Raises 10 IC

Sun Gods w/ Calf Raises 10 front and back IC

Hillbillies 10 IC

Mountain Climbers 10 IC

Merkins 10 

Mountain Climbers 10 IC

Merkins 10

The Thang –  After a run back to the top of the hill followed by a set of stairs to reconvene for The Thang, the PAX were gassed.  What the hell?… That hill was misleading on its level of difficulty and steepness.  We caught our breath, counted into groups of 4 that eventually merged into 2 groups Tater gave instructions (for those that were paying attention).  PAX were instructed to split and run to two different lit cone locations where they would be greeted with listed exercises and would complete themladder style each time they returned.  After completing the first exercise the PAX ran back to the top of the steps, completed burpees (adding 2 each time they passed the burped cone) and ran to the other cone to complete the exercise ladder.  Each time they would return they would start with the first exercise and add one more exercise bouncing back and forth from cone to cone completing burpees in between for fun.  Tater Tot loved the mumble chatter.     

South Runway (Ladders)

1)​20 IC Tempo Merkins 

2)​20 IC Mountain Climbers 

3)​20 IC Plank Jacks 

4)​20 IC Alt. Shoulder Taps

5)​20 Carolina Dry Docks 

Run to top of steps and complete burpees

North Runway (Ladders)

1)​20 Bobby Hurley’s

2)​20 IC Monkey Humpers

3)​20 Bonnie Blair’s (10 each leg) 

4)​20 IC Copperhead Squats

5)​20 Jump Tucks

Omaha was called after both groups had completed 3.5 rounds and were finishing 14 burpees at the top of the steps.  First bumps and a chorus of compliments were bouncing around the group.  Tater was smiling.  We did a soft jog back to the flags with no Mary and right into the count off.  

Count off and Nama-O-Rama – 30 PAX counted off and then follow up by name – o – rama and FNG (Stan Lee) nailed his intro.  Compliments to Ponzi for his instructions and for bringing him more importantly.  

Announcements – – Prayers for Splinter, his M and 2.0’s and reminder to participate in donating meals.  Continue to reach out to site Q’s for drop offs and food will be delivered.  Gift cards for pizza places works great as well in addition to frozen meals.  – 2 Step fundraiser for Girls Inc and more info on Slack- Races-rucks-rendezvous is a new Slack channel that the PAX can promote outside 2nd F events to do together with other PAX- Beta Max reminded PAX that there will be a clown car headed down to KC on 3/7, departing at 10:30am and there is one spot remaining.  Five are currently participating. – Chiclets turned 51

Closing thoughts – Tater Tot mentioned he had been thinking more recently about the connection he has with F3 and why it continues to workfor him.  He asked the PAX to all put their heads down, close their eyes and raise their hands if any have gotten better in any aspect of their lives for showing up to an F3 workout.  He asked the PAX to lift their heads and look around at everyone raising their hands.  In its simplest form, if you show up to a workout you will get better.  F3 is forever and you will go through many ups and downs while you go through your journey in F3 but you can move forward with confidence that being a part of this group you will continued to get better in some aspect in your life.  It might be fitness to start, it might be making a change in your decision making, perhaps it is being more engaged in your relationships or your work but at the end of the day you are getting better just showing up.  Tater Tot reminded the PAX how important and special the group is to him and can only hope that others feel the same way.  Show up, get better.  That simple.

Prayer – Pony Express took out us out in prayer and did an awesome job.  

Thank you again for the opportunity to lead this group.  How lucky I am.  

Tater Tot – Aye!

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