March 3, 2020//AO-The Colosseum// 35 degrees – felt like 30… but BetaMax had no hat or jacket/sweater on after warm-o-rama, so either the weathermen were wrong *gasp* or Omaha PAX adapt to the cold over time.  Also, the gloom gave the PAX a hint of a sunrise toward the end of the beatdown, which means Spring is almost here.

12 PAX: Toad Stool, Stella, Hard Hat, Tenderfoot, Othello, Pony Express, Splinter, Room Service, Samples (Respect!), Bloodshot, Safe Ride, BetaMax

Q: BetaMax

BetaMax gave the F3 mission statement and core principles and confirmed that there were no FNG’s.  Disclaimer was given.

Pre-Warm O Rama?

The PAX did a mosey to the back parking behind Westside High School where the Q led them in performing lines. We started by running backward down the parking lot line, went side-to-side across the back of the parking lot stall and ran up the next line, going side-to-side along the top of the parking lot stall and repeated this in a snake-like fashion through the whole parking lot until we completed a “U.”

Mosey’d from the back parking lot to the center of the Westside football field

Warm O Rama

  • Sun God IC x 10
  • Reverse Sun Gods IC x 10
  • Tappy Taps IC x 15
  • SSH IC x 20
  • But kickers x 15
  • Cherry Pickers x 15

The Thang: 4 Pain Stations with your squad  

The PAX of 12 was divided up into squads of three HIM who were sent to the four corners (end zone area) of the football field.   Each station had four exercises to complete, 25 reps of each, with rinse and repeat until the Q blew the whistle, at which time they would maneuver to the next station based on what the sheet said.

Station 1 AbsStation 2 LegsStation 3 Chest/Back/CoreStation 4 Shoulders
Big boysAir squats  Derkin (Partner planks)Carolina dry docks
Freddie Mercury’sReverse lunges  Hand release merkinsAlternating shoulder taps
LBC’sApolo Ohno  Dive bombersBetaMax (hands out in front for circles like rewinding a tape)
American HammersMonkey humpers  BurpeesMoroccan Nightclub
Sprint 100 yardsLunge walkSprint 100 yardsBear crawl

6MOM Dying cockroach’s x 25 & Low dolly x 25


  • First Friday Lunch – West roads Commons (not Westside High School, like BetaMax initially said… the food choices would be significantly different).  
  • First F3 midwest rucking event is this Saturday in Kansas City – checkout Slack for more details or contact RollBar/BetaMax for more info.  The Omaha PAX is sending at least four HIM!
  • See Slack to sign up to support Splinter’s family – or see email from F3Omaha sent on 2/22. #IAMTHIRD


  • Splinter’s M’s surgery
  • HIM with injuries, sickness and aliment who cannot join us in the gloom


We’ve all had the opportunity to work or engage with both good and bad leaders, coaches and authoritative figured.   Try to learn what NOT TO DO from the bad ones and what TO DO rom the good ones.  If you are in a leadership position, try to engage with people at all levels of leadership – from directors/managers and also with the folks in the trenches (cashiers, hospital administrative staff, legal clerks, etc.).  A good leader engages with their team and knows the pulse of their organization and actually cares about their people.

Leaders who don’t listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing to say.  -Andy Stanley




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