02/28/2020 Golden Spike AO | Burke High

PAX: Big One, Chiclets, Khakis, Lowman, Room Service, Birdman, Vandelay, Thor, Splinter, Slow Pitch, Smashmouth, Tin Cup, Uncle Rico, Folsom, Spinal Tap, Tug Boat, Jean-Claude, Sub-Zero.

Q: Selleck

Weather: 28 and crisp.

Pre-Mosey Announcements – THERE WILL BE NO BURPEES – NONE! This was welcomed absolute glee as the PAX celebrate the Final (gray/cold) Friday in February. The mission, core principles and disclaimer were delivered. PAX instructed to take a lap at their own leisure and enjoy fellowship with a brother in the gloom. PAX circled up on the 50-yard line for Warmorama.


  • Windmills X 10 IC
  • Stringrippers X 10 IC
  • Sprinklers X 10 IC
  • Blades of Steel X 10 IC
  • CTMs – Crucible Tempo Merkins X 10 IC
  •  SSH X 15 IC
  • Bear Crawl from 50 yard line to sideline benches


Derkin / Dips /DANG (aka iron mikes with bench jump)

PAX found a slice of bench to perform Triple; after YHC biffed on the DANG – slipping and pulling a Ponzi-like-shin-injury, the iron mikes were reduced to flat ground.

  • Dips X 15 IC
  • Derkins X15 IC
  • DANG – jump lunge into jump squat X 15 IC
  • Rinse and repeat for round 2!!!


PAX instructed to partner up (9 groups) with 3 groups starting at each station.

  • Soccer & Jump Rope for Heart (AMRAP on the rope)
    • Partner 1 jumps ropes
    • Partner 2 dribbles soccer ball from west sideline to east sideline and back
    • Partners flip-flip an repeat until pushed
  • 70 lbs Coups – catch me if you can [THE PUSH GROUP]
    • Partner 1 picks up 70lb sand bag and hoofs it down the track 100 yards
    • Partner 2 completes 15 merkins then runs to catch P1 and coupon is exchanged
    • Partners flip-flop until down and back twice (200 yards) is complete
    • Al Gore until all groups are complete then rotate stations
  • Stair Play
    • Partner 1 runs the stair loop
    • Partner 2 works the exercise log AMRAP
      • Single leg left squat
      • Single leg right squat
      • Sumo Squats
      • Imperial Walkers

6 MoM:

Howl at the moon

  • 10 Carolina Dry Dock and Pull through from Downdog to sphinx while howling at the moon = 1 set
  • repeat x 10 sets for 100 CDD

Superman/Aquaman – 10 reps

Super 11’s

  • 1 Big boy sit up (BBSU) on the up
  • 10 pickle pushers (PP) IC
  • 2 BBSU
  • 9 PP
  • 3 BBSU
  • 8 PP
  • Etc until flapjack complete


  • Tap Dat Vein – 3rd F3Omaha Blood Drive event is scheduled today…last minute walk-ins are welcome.
  • Prayers for injured reserve, family members receiving medical care and those working through the winter doldrums
  • Selleck acknowledged the power of early rising
    • Acknowledging his initial interest in F3 surrounded physical fitness goals (uh…still in progress), the early rising associated with F3 is foundational for consistency and resiliency associated with #HIM at work and at home. Something Selleck did not expect to gain from the PAX
    • Selleck thanked the PAX for the motivation and excitement to wake-up early and invest in what matter most – particularly in these wintry months.
    • Looking ahead a week at the weather this FFF (Final Friday in February) may be one of last brisk days in the 20s for sometime. Enjoy the balmy 30s.
  • Coffeteria followed along with attaboys for Lowman’s Spike return from the IR list.



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