2.29.2020 0700 AO: The Oracle Weather: a beautiful 29°, we saw the sun!

PAX: Reba, Room Service, Chicklets (R), Beta Max, Wentworth, Tater Tot, Kahakis (R), Othello, Thor, Slooow Piiiitch, Rancid (H), Kielbasa (H), Kenny G (R), A-Bomb, Vandelay, Slick, Goodlife, Strange Brew (DR from Charlotte), Honey Badger, Armbar, Pothole, Gumbo, Falafel (Happy Birthday!), Blue Chip, Folsom, Tub Boat (Toot-toot), FNG Fix-It Felix, FNG, One Hit Wonder

QIC: Roll Bar

As the PAX rolled in YHC anxiously checked his watch, I’ve been looking forward to administering this beatdown since seeing in suggested on the F3 Rucking Facebook page. 0700 finally arrived and YHC welcomed the 28 gathered men to the beautiful gloom. Giving the mission and core principles of F3, I reminded everyone that I am not a professional, and gave the standard disclaimer. With the formalities out of the way the PAX was led to the practice field where Warm-O-Rama ensued.



Sobriety Sungods

Cherry pickers


*Mumblechatter* “Glad I did shoulders yesterday”(You’re going to love the what’s next then!)

Tappy taps


YHC instructed the men to cross the street to the solid brick wall of the fieldhouse for a little Balls to the Wall with the added task of dragging my 30lb ruck up the line and back.

*Much mumblechatter and demands to “hurry up already”*

A mosey to the practice field for the Thang followed.

The Thang

Tortoise and the Hare B.O.M.B.S.

YHC asked the PAX to pair up and grab a coupon from the pile place at the parking lot (Shoutout the Folsom for supplementing the supply) and continue to the field.

A member of each team walked the track with the coupon while their partner did a set of the prescribed exercises. The acronym for today was spelled out with:

  • 5 burpees
  • 10 Outlaws (On 6 your, draw an “o” w/ feet, 10 each way)
  • 15 Merkins
  • 20 Big Boy situps
  • 25 squats
  • Run to catch your partner and take over the coupon

The ambitious goal of 5 sets was set, and the PAX commenced the pain.

At some point YHC started mumblechattering to himself about the workout and came to the conclusion that’s the sign of a satisfed Q, if you hate yourself at some point it was a satisfactory beatdown!

Omaha was called and the PAX proceeded back to the shovelflags for a quick Mary.

6 Minutes of Mary

25 American Hammers called in a varying cadence by YHC finished off the beatdown.

Announcements and TAPS


Going out to Splinter and his M as she is scheduled for surgery this coming week. *Plug for the meal train, see the Google doc linked on Slack*

For a former coworker of Reba’s who suddenly lost her 23 year old son.


March 7th 2:30pm our brothers in F3 Kansas City are hosting a ruck event, details and sign up info can be found on Slack. Rollbar still has a seat open in that shiny new Gladiator!


Like many F3ers YHC is a fan of Jocko Willink, and was inspired by a well known video excerpt of one of his Podcasts entitled “Good”. Setting it up I talked about how Jocko had a subordinate who would alway come to complain about something to him , Jocko’s answer was always “Good.” YHC attempted to channel Jocko himself in reading a portion of the transcript, following it up with an exhortation to embrace the adversity and to attack the challenges with an attitude that screams “GOOD.”:

“And I asked, “What am I going to say?”And he said, “You’re going to say: ‘Good.’ ”He continued, “That’s what you always say. When Something is wrong or going bad, you just look at me and say, ‘Good.’ ”And I said, “Well. I mean it. Because that is how I operate.”

So I explained to him that when things are going bad, there’s going to be some good that will come from it.

Didn’t get promoted? Good… More time to get better.

Didn’t get the job you wanted? Good… Go out, gain more experience, and build a better resume.

Got injured? Good… Needed a break from training

Got beat? Good… We learned.

Unexpected problems? Good… We have to figure out a solutions

That’s it. When things are going bad: Don’t get all bummed out, don’t get startled, don’t get frustrated. No. Just look at the issue and say: “Good.”

Now, I don’t mean to say something trite; I’m not trying to sound like Mr. Smiley Positive Guy.That guy ignores the hard truth.

That guy thinks a positive attitude will solve problems. It won’t. But neither will dwelling on the problem. No. Accept reality, but focus on the solution. Take that issue, take that setback, take that problem, and turn it into something good. Go forward. And, if you are part of a team, that attitude will spread throughout. Finally: if you can say the word “good,” then guess what? It means you’re still alive. It means you’re still breathing. And if you’re still breathing, that means you’ve still got some fight left in you.So get up, dust off, reload, recalibrate, re-engage – and go out on the attack.”

Jocko Willink

Be blessed,

Roll Bar #SYITG

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