Oracle Backblast: No matter how far you fall back, move forward

 2/22/20-The Oracle AO-Boys Town Campus

PAX: Waffle House, Folsom, TC, Two Step, Ponzi, Coach K, Room Service, Hard Hat, Kielbasa, Wentworth, Sparty, Placebo, Crawl, Ethanol, Road House, Thor, FNG Thanos, Lemon Law, Tater Tot, Wait Time, Vandelay, Slow Pitch, Khakis

Q: Reba

Weather: 27, sunny, beautiful

Reba welcomed the PAX, gave the disclaimer, found out there was 1 FNG in the crowd.

PAX moseyed to parking lot for Warm-O-Rama


Side Straddle Hop

Tappy Taps

Static Calf Stretch

Static Hip Flexor stretch

The Thang:

Reba explained The Thang he had laid out. 
The Guiness Book of World Records Longest Standing Backwards Jump was completed on February 22nd of 2002 with a distance of 6’7″. All PAX were in a circle and took turns with their backwards jump. Feet Jumped = Rounds, Inches = Reps. Draw a ball out of your baggage, group performed prescription and moved forward.

Six Minutes of Mary:
4 times:15 leg liftsPlank 30 count
Waffle Hammer to end

FNG – Allan Kroll-Thanos

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