February 25, 2020/AO – The Colosseum/Temperature: 34 degrees

Pax: Tenderfoot, STELLA, Honey Stinger, Chiclets (RESPECT!), Khakis (RESPECT!), Rancid (Hate!), Toadstool, Bloodshot, Samples (RESPECT!), Tin Cup, Selleck, Birdman, Othello, Beta Max, White Claw, Splinter.

Q: Safe Ride

Safe Ride promptly welcomed the PAX to F3 Omaha at 5:30.   The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given.  The men then made there way onto the track.


The PAX moseyed around the track for a lap and continued to midfield for warm-a-rama.  Once at the location, the following exercises were performed:

  1. SSH x 20 IC
  2. Chinooks x 10 IC forwards then backwards
  3. Sun Gods x 10 IC forwards then backwards
  4. Randys x 10 IC
  5. Mountain Climbers x 20 IC


The PAX moseyed down the football field to the south endzone.  The PAX lined up on the goal line for “down and backs” at each 5-yard marker.  The group ran to the 30 and then would high plank/chill cut for the 6. This was done two times to get the blood flow going.


Today was a good day!!

The Pax remained at the goal line for BLIMPS, which included the following;

  • 5 burpees
  • A 10 yard lunge walk
  • 15 Imperial Walkers
  • 20 Merkins
  • 25 Plank Jacks
  • 30 Squats

Rinse and Repeat

After 3 rounds of BLIMPS the PAX completed a lap and then returned to the field for more.  This was repeated until Safe Ride called Omaha at 6:05am.  We then moseyed over to the wall on the south side of the track for a 90 second wall sit.  Chiclets admonished Safe Ride for failing to bring a plate to pass down the line during the sit.  The PAX then moseyed back to midfield for Mary.


  1. Big Boy Sit Ups
  2. James Bonds
  3. Flutter Kicks
  4. LBCs
  5. American Hammers


Safe Ride recently listened to Ice Cube’s “It was a Good Day” which brought a huge smile to his face.  The song was also the inspiration for Safe Ride’s beatdown (i.e. BLIMPS).  The song was released on February 23, 1993.  Ice Cube wrote the song in 1992 and it tells the story of how Cube had a good day in South Central LA.  He had a good breakfast, played basketball, watched Yo!  MTV Raps, won a game of craps and even saw the lights of the Goodyear Blimp which read “Ice Cube’s a Pimp”.  Cube later commented on the concept behind the song explaining: “There’s been the riots, people know I will deal with that. That’s a given. But I rap all this gangsta stuff—what about all the good days I had?”

It’s easy to think about the negativity in your life, politics, work, the world etc… With that being said, hopefully there are good days for the HIM of F3 too.  Don’t consume yourself with the negativity.  Talk and think about the good days. 


  • TAPS to F3 Lexington on the tragic loss of Faye Swetlik.  The HIM of F3 Omaha are thinking of that community and wore bright colors this morning to show our support.
  • Splinter’s M is scheduled to undergo surgery next week.  Please get on the meal train to help his family.
  • Prayers for Birdman’s cousin and his family.
  • Prayers for Toadstool’s father.
  • Blood drive is this Friday.

We ended in prayer. 

Much love!

Safe Ride

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