February 25, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Cornhusker Handicap//32 degrees//

Pax: OMT, Slow Pitch, Cyclone (Respect!), Doc Brown, Crawl, Tater Tot, Smash Mouth, Brazilian, Polaroid, Bubbles, Huffy, Two Step, Jean Claude, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

Folsom welcomed the PAX, gave the disclaimer, and stated the mission statement.

Warm O’ Rama

  • Mosey to the Stage
  • Seal Claps ICx20
  • Shoulder Taps ICx20
  • Merkins x10
  • Don Quixote’s ICx12
  • LL Cool J’s ICx7ish

The Pre-Thang: Folsom divided the PAX into two lines for an Indian Run to the stairs next to the Inner Rail, a ¼ mile away. The park provided a natural obstacle course for the PAX running to the front, which gave it that little something special to make it F3.

The Thang: Hoping Out of Your Comfort Zone

The beatdown was a classic 3 man grinder, but due to numbers there were two teams of 4. One guy had to box jump up the 7 seats along the stair case, each about 2 feet high. This was the push. The guy at the top of the stairs had mostly ab exercises to do before being pushed down the stairs. (Top exercises: Box Cutters, Dying Cyclones, Oh Yeahs, and Pickle Pushers) The PAX at the bottom of the stairs had exercises to do before being pushed up the stairs. (Bottom exercises: Shoulder Taps, Al Gore, Merkins, Mule Kicks) We got to each exercise approximately 4 times, so there was plenty of hopping going on! Folsom called Omaha! At 6 a.m. and divided the PAX into two lines to Indian Run back to the shovelflags.

Mary: Folsom got a real burn with the focus being on the upper abs, I hope y’all did too.

  • E2K x20/side with a 10 count hold at the end (good burn)
  • Heel touches ICx15 (killer burn)
  • Low Dolly’s on the open (Respect!) x40 (rest for the upper abs)
  • Freddy Mercury’s slow ICx12 (massive burn)

Announcements/Prayers: It was great to see Cyclone back! Blood drive this Friday; contact Ponzi if you haven’t already signed up. See Twitter for a third F fundraiser for Girls, Inc. Prayers for all the PAX injured and thanks to the Sky Q for the ability to be out here on such a gorgeous morning.

COT: Folsom was recently asked to help a friend get back in shape. Folsom was teaching her some ab exercises and she kept asking for something easier. As Folsom progressed from Box Cutters, to Freddy Mercury’s, to finally LBC’s, his friend kept asking for easier. This led Folsom to ponder how workouts are hard because they need to be, that is if your goal is to get into shape. Nothing worth doing is easy. If you want something, then you have to work hard for it. Folsom congratulated the PAX for the hard work they put in today and reminded them to pass that work ethic down to their children, and in this case to their friends.

Aye- Folsom

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