2/18/2020 | Wild Kingdom AO | Zorinsky

PAX: Wait Time, Tapout, Chewy, Hi-hat, Slick, Tonight Show, Kielbasa, Uncle Rico, Barn Door, Saul

Slinter PAX: Blue Suede, Firewalker and Armbar joined after running around Zorinsky.

Q: The Big One

Weather: COLD

The Big One welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement, core principles. The PAX then moseyed over to the light by the boat dock




Tappy Taps


Sun gods

Alternating Shoulder Taps

The Thang.

The PAX then moseyed across the parking lot to the open grassy area by the picnic shelter for a Tabata beatdow. The beatdown consisted of 4 sets of two exercises each. Each set was repeated 4 times. Initially the Big One was using his Tabata app with a “Siri” type voice counting down. Unfortunately after about 2 rounds the app shut off and we had to improvise, resorting to good old fashioned counting. The good news is, Big One also played music, and that worked the whole time, so the PAX had the pleasure of listening to Big One’s “No Worries” playlist.

Set 1

20 seconds burpees

10 seconds rest

20 seconds butt kicks

10 seconds rest

Set 2

20 seconds Bobby Hurleys

10 seconds rest

20 seconds fast feet

10 seconds rest

Set 3

20 seconds merkins

10 seconds rest

20 seconds speed skaters

10 seconds rest

Set 4

20 seconds Naktar Ndiayes

10 seconds rest

20 seconds high knees

10 seconds rest


  • On 6 – leg straight out x 60 seconds
  • Chillcot x 60 seconds
  • American Hammers x 20 IC


  • Name-o-Rama. Almost forgot Saul (sorry Saul)
  • Tap That…….Vein February 28th. M’s or Friends are invited
  • Splinter’s wife’s surgery is back on. It will be next month. Look for the meal sign up.
  • Hakuna Matata made famous in The Lion King means “No Trouble” or “No Problems” in Swahili. I told the group that initially my message was going to be that we in as people worry about way too many things. Especially things that aren’t really that important. And that we would be much happier and more fulfilled if we only worried about the truly important things in life. While this is true (and maybe somewhat obvious) as I thought about it further, what I think Hakuna Matata really means is having a positive outlook and having faith that everything is going to be ok no matter what happens. Yes there is going to be stress in life and at times even sorrow, but if we put our trust in God and we lean on the loved ones around us, we can achieve Hakuna Matata as it should be.
  • Big One closed with a prayer


The Big One

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