Dream Makers | StinsonPark | Heavy Metal | AO | 2.19.2020 | 19 degrees 

13 PAX: Frosty, Tin Cup, Safe Ride, Folsom, Stella, Borland, Polaroid, Jean-Claude, T.C. (Respect), Brazilian, Roll Bar, Honey Stinger

Q: Bloodshot 

After the F3 mission, disclaimer, and core principles were stated, a short Mosey to W-A-R.

Warm O’ Rama

SSH x20

Sungods x20

Tappy Taps x 15

Windmills x 15 

The Thang: Ring of Fire

The following exercises formed the ring. 70# sandbag carry down and back served as the push to rotate. 

1. Arnold press

2. Upright Row

3. Kettle ball swing

4. Chest press

5. Bent over Row

6. Goblet squats

7. Chillcut / dying cyclones

8. Curls

9. Merkins on dumbbells combined Row

10. Deadlift

11. Tricep extension

12. Big Boys

13. Side lunge  

Mumblechatter: The ring gave YHC the opportunity to be vulnerable with his heavy metal playlist. Anthrax proved that metal could mix with rap, specifically public enemy, AND bring the noise. Mumble Chatter was appreciated.  

Bonus Fire and Mary: After a couple rounds, Omaha was called. 25 dips were completed at the benches followed by 25 American Hammers. 

Prayers and announcements: Prayers for all Pax overcoming injuries, specifically No-Doze.  Reminder to sign up for blood drive. 

COT: YHC recalled a coffeeteria conversation with T.C. about the remarkable American Dreams accomplished by our parents. Greatness starts with a dream and YHC shared a time recently when he was a dream breaker. Admittedly a failed opportunity, YHC vowed to always be a dream maker and challenged us to foster the dreams of those around us. Thanks for the chance to lead you HIM.

Aye- Bloodshot

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