February 20, 2020//Memorial Park//AO-Futurama //7 frosty degrees//

9 Pax: Stella, Honey Stinger, Bubbles, Slow Pitch, Pony Express, Othello, Polaroid, Safe Ride, Folsom.

Q: Folsom

The PAX gathered round the shovelflag and the speaker blasting the Hold Steady in the center of the winter quarters. The mission statement was made, the 5 core principles were stated, and the disclaimer was made. Folsom lead the PAX on a lap around the parking garage before leading them back to the center for a much needed warm up.

Warm O’ Rama

  1. Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20
  2. Downward Dog to Werewolf with a foot to hand hammy stretch and a hand in the air
  3. 15 Merkins
  4. Butt Kickers ICx15
  5. Tappy Taps, ICx10
  6. Copperhead Squats w/overhead press ICx15
  7. Side, Straddle, Hop ICx20

The Thang: The Future of Fitness II

Folsom had the PAX count off in 2’s. Folsom explained the beatdown thusly:  The groups will take turns alternating between the below listed exercises, AMRAP and 15 coupon clean and jerks. Group 2 started with the exercises, while Group 1 took the clean and jerks, then the two switched. Once both had finished the clean and jerks, they joined together to run a lap around the garage. 2.25 total miles were covered; the winter quarters are roomy! Rinse and Repeat for 4-5 laps. The PAX got to the second round of Two Handed Oh Yeahs when Folsom was forced to call Omaha!

  1. Two Handed Oh Yeahs
  2. Alternating Dirty Doggs
  3. Alternating Mule Kickers
  4. Failure to Launches

MOM: Truly 6 Minutes of Mary(Don’t tell the site Q!)

  1. 90 seconds Chill Cut
  2. 60 seconds Box Cutters
  3. 30 seconds American Hammers
  4. Repeat 

Mumblechatter: One minute into the Chill Cut, Bubbles asked how much longer are we doing Kill Chucks? Folsom went a bit long with the COT, but the amount of groans seemed unnecessary until Folsom smelt the evil that was unleashed during the COT. We won’t say who dealt it.  

Announcements/Prayers: Prayers for all the injured PAX. Sign up for the Blood Drive, bring your M, and tap that (vein)!

COT: Stay Positive! The music today was one of Folsom’s favorite bands, The Hold Steady. Their very first song on their first record was titled Positive Jam. 4 years and 4 albums later, they released an album called Stay Positive, and on that album they sang, “It’s one thing to start with a Positive Jam, and it’s another thing to see all through. And we wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for you.” That sentiment fits perfectly with Folsom and F3. Starting each day with a strong dose of fitness, fellowship, and faith is a positive start to our day, but it’s another thing to see it all the way through the day. Stay positive. Don’t let work, family, kids, or anything bring you down during the day. Stay positive. Folsom read two paragraphs from a book he is reading about successful adults with ADHD. Summarized thusly: Start every morning and end every evening with a positive mantra. “Today is going to be amazing.” Folsom has been doing this for two weeks and every morning by the 2nd or 3rd time, he’s smiling. Stop negative and limiting thoughts by staying positive. It takes time to recondition your mind. –Overcoming Distractions, by David A. Greenwood.

Aye- Folsom

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