2/18/20, 5:30am, Stinson Park, Omaha NE, 23Deg, Calm/Lovely

AO: Cornhusker Handicap

Q: Honey Stinger

PAX: Ponzi, OMT, Tater Tot, Frosty, Khakis, Selleck, Lucky Charms, 2 Step, Huffy, Webelo, Slow Pitch, Bubbles, Smash Mouth, Gunnar

PAX starts with a solid mosey to the front of the Aksarben theatre for a WOR view by many onlookers including the sad clowns at the near by gym;)

WOR: SSH-15IC, Goof Balls-15IC, mountain climbers-12IC, Sun Gods with calf raises, Abe Vagodas, Moracan NClubs,

PAX moseys to grata for Pre pre thang. PAX is asked to partner up for this set up exercises. Partners are asked to complete 6 pull ups on their own and modify if needed then partner repeats with their 6. After both partners complete their 6 pull ups both partners do 6 Plank jacks IC. Complete 3 rounds of this.

After pull up/plank jack challenge PAX takes a short mosey with their partner to the north wall of the park for another grueling Stinger special sauce exercise.

Stinger Hop Scotch. With their partners the PAX is asked to hop over the wall 6 times while their partners complete the following exercises. Squats, merkins, burpees. Partners switch after 6 wall jumps.

6:48: Q Stinger starts The Thang. Bermuda Triangle. The PAX bands together to complete 3 stations of beat down exercises that are spread out by a 75 yard mosey. Station 1: Hillbilly Rocketts 15IC, Monkey Humpers 15IC, LBCs 15IC, Air Squats 30, Merkins 20. Station 2: Calf Raises 30, Cherry PIckers 20IC, flutter kicks 15IC, Alt Shld taps-15IC, Copper head Squats 15IC. Station 3: Jump Tucks 12, Alt Step ups 12IC, Dips 20, Gas Pumpers 15IC, mountain climbers 15IC

PAX completes every exercise at every station. 6:08 Omaha is called and PAX returns to the playground for 6MM. Partner Plank/big boys for 1 minute, Low Dolly 20, Pickle pushers 15IC.

COR, NOR, announcements and prayers. Blood drive, No Doze surgery, injured PAX.

COT. “A person always doing their best becomes a natural leader just by example” -Joe DiMaggio. Stinger asked the PAX to act on the mission of F3 and make plays of action towards leadership every day. Be men of action PAX. I’m truly humbled to lead this group of urban warrior HIM. YHC

H.S Stinger


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