2/14/2020, Golden Spike AO

PAX: Room Service, Hog (Respect), Butterfly (Respect), Slow Pitch, Vandelay, Splinter, FDIC, Slick, Honey Stinger, Brazilian, Big One, Saul, Arm Bar, Blue Suede, Roll Bar, Tug Boat, Tincup, TC (Respect), Barn Door

Q: Barn Door

19 PAX arrived to receive the welcome and disclaimer. Weather was a balmy 7 degrees with a rather cool wind chill. Didn’t get the wind chill temp, but I know it was in the negatives.


1 lap around the track, then meet at mid field for exercises.

SSH x 20IC

Windmills x 20 IC

Chinook x 20 IC (10 each direction)

Harry Rockettes x 15 IC


Partner up with a neighbor and head to South goal line.

Plank hand claps x 15 IC

Wheelbarrow to 20 yards then switch and back to goal line

Catch Me if You Can, down football field and back (Neighbor 1 – 5 burpees, Neighbor 2 – Jog backwards, Neighbor 1 – Sprint to catch Neighbor 2 after burpees, switch and repeat)


Stay partnered with your neighbor

To the 20 – broad jump

@ the 20 – 5 absolution, in an 8 cadence (Plank position, “1” jump feet forward, “2” jump feet back, “3” & “4” with drop to each elbow, “5” feet out, “6” feet together, “7” and “ONE” with rise on each hand

To the 40 – bear crawl

@ the 40 – 10 carolina dry docks

To the 40 – sprint       

@ the 40 – 15 LT Dans (squat, lunge, lunge)

To the 20 – Carioca

@ the 20 – 20 Hand release merkins

To the Goal – Crawl Bear

Rinse and Repeat as necessary


OMAHA! Was called at 6:05 am and Mary was had.

Side Plank x 20 IC (10 each side)

Freddy Mercury x 20 IC

Low Dolly x 20 IC

American Hammer x 37 IC (Age of Q, Thanks Big One!)

Circle of Trust:

  • Announcements: Blood Drive Feb 28th, Today is national organ donor day
  •  “Love thy Neighbor” is a good biblical motto to live by. However, people tend to take the meaning of neighbor a bit too literal. It doesn’t just mean the person who lives next to you. Your neighbor is anyone you cross paths with. It could be a complete stranger. As you go about your day remember this and be willing to lend a helping hand or friendly smile to help out your neighbor. You never know what small gesture may make their day better!
  • There was very little mumble chatter, so I think the brothers liked this one!!!


Barn Door

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