The Woodshed – Feb. 14, 2020

Q: Gunner

PAX: Tater Tot, The Plague, Huffy, Khakis, Safe Ride, Stella, Beta Max, OMT, Pony Express, Rancid, Honey Badger, Two Step

Weather: 6 degress, Still dark at 5:30 am


Started with a “Do-A-Diddy Run” with first Pax doing Merkins

15 Windmills

15 Tappy Taps

15 Imperial Stormkickers

15 Moon Gods

15 Dancing Bears

15 Alt. Shoulder taps

15 Blades of Steel

Fartnek to Elmwood Benches – Fartnek is sprint to light post-mosey to next light post

The Work Out- Exercise stations at Park benches near Elmwood Pavillion1. 20 IC Plank Tuck Jumps2. 15 Vee Up Roll Ups3. IC 10 Mtn climbers+10 Plank Jacks+10 Mtn climbers+10 Plank Jacks4. 10 Turk and Burps – 1 Turk-Get Up + 1 burpee = 15. 20 IC Bonnie Blairs6. 20 Scorpion Dry Dock (switch legs @ 10)7. 10 Merkin Rolls – Run back to first bench


15 IC Dying Cockroach


15 IC Low Dollys

10 Side Sit Ups each side

15 Not-So-Lazy Boys (like American Hammers, but hugging oneself)

COT- Gunner shared “loving family kissing” story

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