Golden Spike Backblast: This is a Gift (1/31/20)

AO- Golden Spike

Q- Slow Pitch

21 PAX: Fire Walker, Sub Zero, Webelo, Spinal Tap, Crab Cakes, Thor, The Curse, Falafel, Khakis (Respect), Blue Chip, Room Service, FDIC, Tug Boat, Jean Claude, Hard Hat, Butterfly (Respect), Hog (Respect), Chiclets (Respect), Saul (Not Respect), Ladoo, Slow Pitch

How the Gloom got started:  Fairly nice morning, with the parking lot cleared of snow and only sand and salt remained.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3:

Slow Pitch had the F3 mission statement and some of the 5 Core Principles memorized. 

The PAX was instructed to mosey to the East Parking Lot by the baseball field

Warmarama: East Parking Lot by baseball field

​Calf Raise Sungods 20 IC

​Cherry Pickers: 20 IC

​Calf Raise Squatting Shanooks: 10 IC Front, 10 IC Back 

​Imperial Walkers: 20 IC

Windmills: 20 IC 

The Thang: Cones were set up on every third parking line signify “yard lines” of a football field.

The Pax was asked to partner up and start and the “Goal Line” or first set of cones.  The party was as follows: 

Merkin Gassers, Partnered Up.

​1 Merkin, 3 parking spaces, line up, 1 Merkin, first set of cones

​2 Merkins, 6 parking spaces, line up, 2 Merkins, back to first set

​3 Merkins, 9 parking spaces, line up, 3 Merkins, back to first set

​4 Merkins, 12 parking spaces, line up, 4 Merkins, back to first set

​5 Merkins, 15 parking spaces, line up, 5 Merkins, back to first set

​6 Merkins, 18 parking spaces, line up, 6 Merkins, back to first set

​7 Merkins, 21 parking spaces, line up, 7 Merkins, back to first set

​8 Merkins, 24 parking spaces, line up, 8 Merkins, back to first set

​9 Merkins, 27 parking spaces, line up, 9 Merkins, back to first set

​10 Merkins, 30 parking spaces, line up, 10 Merkins, back to first

American Gas Pumper (AGP) Gassers IC

Repeat parking stall gassers

Turkish Get Up (TGU) Gassers, all together

Repeat parking stall gassers

Omaha was called at 6:07 and the PAX Moseyed to the shovel flags

Mary: Khakis led American Hammers 31IC to signify the 31 days of the month


This is a gift!  Indirectly, directly, it has been given to me by someone or others that I have a great appreciation for.  It is a gift to my family, whether they know it or not, my employer, my community and myself.  Reach out to not just others that haven’t made it here yet, but those that have been here and that are here.  Be a part of their lives and hope that you can place that small gift in their pocket and carry with them, like someone did for you.

Give the gift!

Slow Pitch 

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