Let’s All Go to the Movies

AO: Wild Kingdom (Lake Zorinsky)

PAX: Sub-zero,Tonight Show, Crab Cakes, Butterfly, Uncle Rico, Hog, Rollbar, Lemon Law, Armbar, Blue Suede, Hard Hat

QIC: Lemon Law

Weather: windchill was about 20°

YHC welcomed the PAX, proclaimed mission, 5 core principles, disclaimer.

PAX moseyed halfway around the circle for 


SSHs x20

Windmills x10

Chinooks x10F, x10R

Cherry pickers x10

Mountain Climbers x10

PAX moseyed across the circle (along the snow fence) back to the beginning for

The Thang – because we just had the Academy Awards, we’ll hang out with some notable stars this morning.

PAX partnered up. While one partner ran across the circle and back, the other stayed and did AMRAP for the following (one exercise per lap):

Yul Brynner aka Magnificent Seven (Carolina dry docks, werkins, merkins, Ranger merkins, diamond merkins, crucible merkins, knerkins aka Chuck Norris merkins)

Bruce Lee (hammer, leg raises, LBCs, heel touches, crunchy frogs)

PAX got through almost all rounds, when time was called, and the runners joined us for

6MoM aka Bruce Lee the Sequel

Crunchy frogs x10

LBCs x20

Hammer x25


1. Uncle Rico’s dad (Robert Sr) is having “minor” heart procedure.

2. Splinter’s wife had a setback again on her path to surgery.

3. Armbar’s wrestling coach (Lou) is in hospice, and currently on a feeding tube.

4. From our brothers at F3 Cherokee (GA), please pray for the family and friends of Ellie Pruitt, a 9-yr old girl who passed away due to lupus complications.


Being a good dad doesn’t just make a difference for your kids – their peers notice as well, and will remember. I experienced this as a kid who grew up without a father, and am experiencing it on the flipside as my daughter’s classmates take notice of an involved father.

If you’re not a dad yet, think about the dads in your life you can learn from. Take time to pass on that wisdom through being a mentor, an uncle, a good neighbor.

Tonight Show closed us out in prayer.  

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