02/08/2020 Oracle AO | Boystown

PAX: Pot-Hole, Vandelay, Blue Suede, Khakis, Rancid, Big One, Brazilian, Honey Stinger, Sparty, Sub Zero, Wait-Time, Room Service, TTTTHOOOmas, Thor, Tugboat, Bubbles, Tater Tot, Kielbasa, Coach K, Slick, Othello, Reba, A-Bomb, Folsom, Sandlot, Honey Badger, TC, Chiclets, Roadhouse

Q: Selleck

Weather: 16 & mild

Pre-Show –  Selleck welcomed a veteran PAX (no FNGs at the award show) with the mission and intention. Your Q failed to line the course with 6 coupons, thus a handful of PAX members were asked to Selleck’s truck to manage to “own” the coupon until otherwise directed (Wait-Time, Sparty, Blue Suede, Room Service, and others picked up their leader in the effort).  Disclaimer did not make the talking points. Warmorama was directed tout-suite sans mosey.


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • Arm Circles X 10 IC (informed helpful PAX they did not have to keep their coupon attached to their hand….half way through)
  • Grady Corns X 10 IC
  • Plank Circles X 15 IC
  • String Rippers X 10 IC

PRETHANG – Red Carpet

Heroes Avenue was lined with two groups…Chilly Broad jumped commended for three rotations. PAX informed to (a) Boxer Shuffle, (b) Al Gore, then (c) 80% run to south bus parking lot.

Selleck called Clowney’s, but deemed them CLOONEY’s in honor of George who has never won an Academy Award. Four rounds of CLOONEY’s commenced post-circled up:

  • Round 1 – 4 jump lunges IC / 4 Merkins IC
  • Rinsed and repeat x 4 in honor of Audrey Hepburn (4x Academy Award Winner)

THE THANG – Best Picture Show

PAX instructed to get in groups of four to review 7 different cinematic experiences, in four different theaters (A thru D). FYI – due to time Theater D was never truly experienced.

  • Irishman (AMRAP ala picnic table)
    • A – Coyote Ugly
    • B – Dips
    • C – Coyote Ugly
    • D – Step ups
  • Ford vs Ferrari –Lunging/Running/Bursting [THE PUSH GROUP]
    • A – Partner up. P1 starts to lunge-walk, P2 complete 7 jump squats then sprints to catch P1, flap-jack until cone is reached.
    • B – forget A —- just run
    • C – Sprint
    • D – fugazi
  • The Joker (AMRAP) w/ Coupons (thanks for covering the course to my 6 PAX!)
    • A – Goblet Squats
    • B – KB Swings
    • C – Overhead Tricep Extension
    • D – Squat and overhead press
  • Little Women – pulse work IC
    • Pulse lunges 15 R, 15 IC
    • Pluse merkins 15 IC
    • Flutter Kicks (AMRAP)
    • Partner Leg and Raise throws –  15 IC
  • Marriage Story – Battle Ropes *
    • A – Alternate Wave
    • B – Slams
    • C – Lat Raises
    • C – Reverse Flyes
  • *(Odd guy out rotates in after 5 burpees)
  • 1917 – What at HITT
    •  A – 19 SSH / 17 High Knees
    • B – 19 Pickle Pushers / 17 LBC
    • C – 19 Carolina Dry Docks / 17 Sump Squats
    • D – 19 Imperial Walkers / 17 Butt Kickers
  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (AMRAP)
    • A – Al Gore w/Over-Head claps
    • B – Rockette Hillbillies
    • C – Superman Merkin
    • D – Low Dolly

Omaha was called mid-C Theater experience.

6 MoM:

Low Dolly (Thank you TC)

E2K – 15 IC each leg

American Hammer (A-Bomb dropping on us)


  • Tap Dat….Vein – 3rd F3Omaha Blood Drive event is schedule for February 28th from 7AM to noon. Sign up on twitter or let Ponzi/Selleck know your desired time to TDV. We are pushing for 30+ donors and invited M’s, FNGs, life-partners, etc.
  • So many people to thank…where do I start?
    • As usual people talk too much and thank too many people…Selleck asked PAX to go beyond the norm.
    • The ask – thank X for Y; you don’t have to say much, but you have to say something.
    • All 30 PAX member in BOM formation opened up the appreciation chest and production was noted in clockwise formation.
    • Notable thank yous – Plague, Tatertot, Waitime, Redwoods, M’s, mothers, kids, PAX, filters, levity, absorption, community, welcomed, etc.

Thank you Wait-Time! #bestsupportingHIM

Coffeteria commenced.



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