February 7th, 2020// Elmwood Park//AO-Woodshed/31 degrees//

Pax: Tatar Tot, Khakis (Respect), The Plague, Saul, Stella, Othello, Gumbo, Gunner, Polaroid, Ponzi, Point Break, 2-Step, Honey Badger, Bloodshot, Swinger, Chiclets (Respect), Poney Express (Hey), OMT, Huffy and Baby Grand

Q:  Samples (Respect)

Mosey and Warmarama at Grotto

Side Straddle Hop 20 x IC 

Air Squats 20X

Mosey and Warmarama to the Creepy Corner

Tighten up and face out:

Monkey Humpers 20X IC 

Cherry Pickers 20X IC

Pickle Pushers 20X IC

Let’s Mosey to the middle…

We are going to count off from ones to sixes and then start over so  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

1’s will go to the flags,

3’s will go to the Gretto,

and 5’s you will go to the Creepy Corner

2’s, 4’s, and 6’s will be our pushers

When the pushers get to your station, you run to the next: Flags to Grotto, Grotto to CC, and CC to the Flags

Try to do the workout together as a group

1’s, 3’s and 5’s go ahead and get started to your first station.

Pushers will stay here get in a somewhat straight line and do 10 Carolina Dry Docks and then army crawl through a line of Dry Dock Plank and when we are finished we will go to our sites and push out the workers there.

Flag Station:

Mountain Climbers 25X IC

Dirty Dogs (both legs) 20 count

Low Dollies 25X IC

Calf Raises  50 X

Merkins 30X

Grotto Station:

Alternating Lunges 30 X

Carolina Dry Dogs 30X

Sungods 15 IC both ways

Big Boys 30X 

Workens 30X

Creepy Corner Station:

Planks for 40 seconds

Box Cutters 25X IC

Hydrolic Merkins 25 IC

Oh Yeas 30X

Burpies 20

Announcements and Prayer Requests?

Matt West (forget his F3 name) is a accomplished basketball player from Westside, played at Creighton with Kyle Korver, and now in the Medical field and just last year spoke to our Westside varsity boys basketball team.  He told us that what ever team you are on; basketball, sports, professional, you need to have a team that is willing to hold others and be held accountable by the team.  When your teammates are holding each other accountable, special things can happen.  Two years ago Westside won 8 games, last year we went to the state tournament, this year we are right now looking at possibly being in the top 4 in the state.  Accountability allows that to happen.  But before you are accountable to someone, there needs to be trust.  Trust in your teammates and allowing your teammates or co-workers to trust in you.  

And before people can trust you, you need to have vulnerability.  I appreciate what The Plague said yesterday.  He got vulnerable but there wasn’t one guy in that circle of trust that will allow him to fall.  The same will happen to us when we get vulnerable with the “teams” we are on that we want to succeed.  You can start getting vulnerable by just saying:

Thank you, I’m sorry, or even next time I will do better.

For me, Many of the times we are pretty good at being a great teammate with our teams at work. We might need to start building trust and getting vulnerable with those people closest to us at home.

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