February 5, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//23 degrees//

15 Pax: Borland (Redwood!), Stella, Bloodshot, Frosty, Gumbo, Rancid, Othello, Baby Grand (Redwood!), Slow Roast (RedWood!), Ponzi, Beta Max, Tin Cup, Samples (Respect!), TC (Respect!), Folsom

Q: Folsom

Folsom made with the disclaimer and the mission statement. Folsom promised to take the PAX back to the second ever Heavy Metal beatdown, because his 2.0 was puking on the shower curtain before the first ever beatdown.   

Warm O’ Rama

Mosey around the penis sculpture and back

Side, Straddle, Hop ICx15

Sun Gods ICx12 forwards and backwards

Side Lunges ICx12

Shoulder Taps ICx20

Parker Peters ICx12

The Thang: Classic Weight workout to rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack

The beatdown was a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 45 seconds of AMRAP followed by a brief 15 seconds of rest.  Each exercise was done 3 times before moving to the next exercise.  In other words the legs were wobbly from squats before moving to dead lifts but at least the squats were out of the way. 

1st Song (Legs)

Goblet Squats

Dead Lifts

Step Back Lunges with a Twist

2nd Song (Shoulders)

Bent Over Rows

Arnold Press

Up Right Rows

3rd Song (Abs)


American Hammers

4th Song (Arms)


Triceps Over Head

Rocky Curls

Mumblechatter: Folsom, ever the teacher, tried to explain proper squat form to the PAX by instructing them to think about sitting down on a cold toilet seat in the dark. During the next exercise, dead lifts, Folsom tried to explain proper form, but Ponzi took off on a 3 minute comedy routine about pooping in the dark and pulling your pants up. There was something about the M involved too. Thankfully, the music was pretty loud and I couldn’t hear much of what Ponzi was saying.  


Folsom kept the theme of return to the second Heavy beatdown and used the same message for COT. Folsom did, however, also offer a preamble about how Heavy Metal came to be, and how it caused Folsom to buy in 100% to this wonderful, crazy thing that is F3 Omaha. During the prayer, Folsom thanked the Sky Q for F3, shared with the PAX that he was headed down a dark path when Brazilian text him to get to bed early because he would be at Folsom’s house by 5:15, and oh, bring gloves. It is clear to Folsom that the Sky Q works through us and that Folsom found there is so much positivity in this world, especially the HIM of F3, and now Folsom does His work too. Bullet points of the COT:

1. Read Freed to Lead.

2. The problem with Sad Clowns is that we don’t know we are Sad Clowns until we’ve taken the cure, a lot of the cure, and we may not even know the name or really understand what the disease is or why the cure helps until we read Freed to Lead. 


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