2020.02.04 – Suffering – Wild Kingdom – Back Blast

Date: 2020.02.04
AO: Wild Kingdom

Pax: Uncle Rico, High Hat, Tap Out, Slick, Dr. Suess(Kotter!!), Thomas, Hog(RESPECT!), Rollbar, Sub-Zero, LeDuex, Tonight Show
Splinter Group: Blue Suede, Fire Walker, Prefontaine, Arm Bar, Hard Hat

QIC: Tonight Show

Conditions: A brisk 27 degrees with 8 mph winds and icy…

Upon arrival YHC found a crew of pax anxious to get moving due to the breeze that blew all the way to the bone.  With that YHC welcomed everyone gave the mission statement, core principles and disclaimer. YHC did mention I wasn’t feeling well and should I need to leave High Hat would be left in charge.  The pax set out on a mosey to the boat dock.


  • Imperial Walkers * 20 IC
  • HIll-billy’s * 20 IC
  • Tappy taps * 15IC
  • Tater taps * 15 IC
  • Windmills * 15 IC
  • Monkey humpers * 15 IC
  • Suicide Squats (Brazilian, Regular, Deep, 1…)

If you don’t know Brazilian is not a reference to the fine people in South America.  No, it’s a local Omaha pax still perfecting his squat form. 😉

The Thang:
All pax moseyed back to Rockafeller Square for the Thang.  The Thang today was simple. YHC explained that it would be you vs. you and we would be doing The Cooper.  To complete the Cooper each pax would complete 10 burpees, 10 squats, and 10 merkins then run a lap around Rockafeller Square(0.25 miles).  Upon returning the pax would complete 9 burpees, 9 squats, and 9 merkins then run another lap around Rockafeller Square. This would be repeated until Rollbar was ill or Omaha was called, whichever comes first.  Rollbar is a HIM of steel so it was always going to Omaha that came first.

Omaha was called with most pax only needing to complete 2-3 more laps which was studly to say the least.

The splinter group of runners also arrived just in time from their 7 mile trek to join in on Mary.


  • Gas pumpers * 15 IC
  • Cindy Crawfords * 15 IC (each side)
  • E2K * 15 IC
  • American Hammer (10 On – 5 Off)  Rollbar set a very bad example by doing a slow count which prompted all subsequent counts to include a slow count.  Possibly the most brutal slow count came from the youngest pax.


  • This week is first Friday second F at Westroads Commons.  Come around 11:30 and enjoy some lunch with fellow pax.


  • Prayers for Coach Moloney, his family and the men of Westside wrestling that were touched by him as their coach.  He is currently battling cancer.

“When I start to suffer I remind myself. This is the part that counts.” – Brooke Wells Cross-fit Games Athlete 

My man Uncle Rico is helping us get a new perspective on the challenges we may encounter.  I want you to think about challenges differently and know that the struggle is when it counts.  If you live a struggle free life you should examine your choices. In the time of challenge or struggle we may feel like a failure, inconsequential, unreliable, timid, or like you are just aren’t enough.  I want to remind you, if you are saved by grace to favor you didn’t deserve then Jesus has some different adjectives for you. Powerful… mighty… conquerer… chosen… beloved… redeemed… Son. Remember the struggle is when it counts and Jesus put a different adjective over your life.

YHC closed with a prayer.

Sub-Zero, you’re a beast.  YHC had a great time chasing your back all morning.
Rollbar, despite being a Bronco fan, you are a solid HIM.  Thank you for tolerating a little (very little) celebration with me for my team.  How bout them Chieeeeefs!
Heal quick Leduex

Always proud to be part of this group

Tonight Show

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