January 31, 2020//AO-The Woodshed//30 degrees.  

18 PAX: Othello, Rancid (Hate!), Curtain Call (Hate!), The Plague, Smashmouth, OMT, Huffy, Folsom, Toadstool, Two step, Samples (Respect!), Ponzi, Honey stinger, Safe Ride, Stella, Bloodshot, Honey Badger, BetaMax

Q: Beta Max 

F3 BetaMax rattled off the F3 mission statement and core principles and confirmed that there were no FNG’s.  Disclaimer was given. 

The PAX was split into two lines to create a tunnel, as “We Will Rock You” blared. Each HIM took turns running down the tunnel and throwing some punches as the PAX performed overhead claps in cadence to the music.  If this didn’t give you goosebumps and put a smile on your face, nothing will.  Mumble chatter turned into positive chants for each HIM as they took their turn down the catwalk. Samples looked like he’d done this before, in a professional setting!

As the song concluded, the PAX began a mosey to the Dojo (grotto) to “Eye of the tiger.”

The Q welcomed everyone to the “Dojo” and demonstrated proper form for punches and kicks.  The Q’s Bluetooth speaker was hard to operate with two layers of gloves and Stella led the PAX in throwing snowballs at the Q until “Kung Foo Fighting” began to play.  All exercises below were done IC but to the music.• Air squats w/ uppercuts x 20• Crane sungods w/kick at end x 10• Crane reverse sungods w/kick at end x 10• Throwing elbows (from horse stance) x 20• Yaske x 10 each leg

As the song concluded, the PAX began to mosey to Creeper Corner to “Here comes the hotstepper.”

The Q welcomed every to the “central boxing ring”and “Flower” began to play and the exercises below were completed. The song is only three minutes long, but to many, it felt like 10 minutes.  That is a lot of jump roping and switch stances to do!• Speedbags • Jump rope• Switch stance

As the song concluded, the PAX began to mosey to the UNO stairs to “Click Click Boom.”

The Q welcomed everyone to “the central wrestling area” as “Get back up again” echoed.  Everyone was invited to take a seat…. against the wall…. for wall sits.  This lasted until everyone looked uncomfortable.  Everyone circled up and performed bob and weaves for the remainder of the song.

The Q cranked up “Gonna Fly Now” (Rocky theme song) and directed everyone to split into two lines facing each other.  The person facing you was your partner.  One partner stayed at the bottom of the stairs in a plank, while the other ran to the top of the stairs, screamed, “Adrian” and ran back down to “tag” their partner in for their turn.

Once the song concluded, Mortal Combat began to play and partners continued the hold a plank, but this time the other partner performed a burpee punch combo (when coming up from a burpee, each HIM landed in a left stance, performed a left jab, a right jab, a left hook, switched to complete on the right side and tagged their partner as they began to plank. 

“All of the lights” began playing, which indicated it was time to mosey to Creeper Corner again.

When the six was in, everyone formed a circle to perform a ring-o-fire (monkey humpers to the beat of the music) as “Knockout” played.  Each HIM took turns going into the middle to show their stuff.  The Q went first to demonstrate some punch combos, but things quickly escalated into what appeared to be a dance battle towards the end.  Folsom did one-armed pushups, Huffy looked like he was breakdancing and of course, The Plague performed perfect-form burpees. 

“Eye of the tiger” – extended version from the Dreamwork’s movie, Turbo, began to play, which signaled it was time to mosey back to the shovel flag.

The PAX once again formed two lines, facing each other. 

One partner performed deep squats while the other partner threw punches (hitting just air) and switch (back and forth) for two minutes.,

Next, the partners got on their six, interlocking feet to perform big boys (IC) while throwing controlled punches and fish bumping their partner on each up x 20

-Name-o-rama- (as some PAX chucked snowballs relentlessly at Ponzi)


F3Omaha bible study is launching next Tuesday, 2/4/2020 at Coram Deo Chuch at 0445.  Get a two-for-one start to your day.  See GreekFreak or The Plague for more details and keep an eye out on Slack and Twitter.

First Friday lunch at Flagship Commons is next Friday, 2/7/2020

Ponzi is organizing another blood drive at the end of February.  

-Prayer Requests-

-Keep Trademark and his mother in your prayersalong with Cyclone.

-Lowman, No Doze, Toadstool and others are grappling (pun intended) with injuries and alignments. Let’s encourage these HIM to join us for coffee and pray for their healing.

-Some folks in the local court systems need prayers and to be lifted up today.


“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.” -Muhammad Ali

Each time we post, we choose to accelerate, but week after week, we begin to see small, but incremental changes.  We also rally around each other and give accolades and celebrate our victories, not matter how great or small.  I’m thankful for the affirmation and encouragement you each provide me on a regular basis and I use it as a platform to transform myself… and like Ali says, that is where things being to happen! 


9+ HIM got some caffeine and fellowship to kick off Friday morning.



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